Endorsement of Congresswoman Kay Granger

“Congresswoman Kay Granger is doing a wonderful job representing the people of Texas. During my Administration, as the lead Republican on the Appropriations Committee, Kay helped us Secure the Border, Build the Wall, and Strongly Support our Military and Vets. A fierce advocate for Life and the Second Amendment, Kay has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kathi Williams

Isn’t this Granger the one whose son is making BILLIONS of moneys off the Texas taxpayers? Watch Chris Salsedo show from 2/16/22 I believe. He explains it all. He also explains that the Biden Regime will continue as long as both Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell are leadership. CAN THE GOP AFFORD THIS AND MESS UP THE 2024 ELECTIONS?


Interesting!!! Kevin McCarthy is running ads to engage the American people to vote Nancy P out of office, and Mitch McConnell is running behind curtains to rally on Anti-Trump politicians to run in 2022 & beyond. Mitch needs to go for sure! Kevin M has stood with Trump from the beginning, so this Chris Salsedo may be dabbling his feet “over” both sides of the fence in his news cast. Interesting thought to ponder on & check out!


More good people to replace the rats!!

Elizabeth Curtiss

Awesome. Can’t wait to get these liberal Democrats & RINO’s out on 11/8!



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