Endorsement of Cory Mills

“A wonderful patriot, Cory Mills, is running for Congress in Florida’s 7th Congressional District as a Pro-America, Pro-Law Enforcement, and Pro-Trump Champion for our beloved Make America Great Again movement. Cory has long been a great fighter for our Country, and he is a decorated U.S. Army combat Veteran who has fought bravely all over the World.

He has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and has even traveled to Ukraine recently to provide information for USAID and State Department officials. When everyone else is running away from the tough fights, Cory Mills is willing to stay back and fight. He loves our Country, loves the Great State of Florida, and he will never let us down. Cory Mills has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Congratulations Cory Mills. The Great State of Florida will continue to be Strong.


Keep Florida GREAT!
Vote for Cory Mills!

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