Endorsement of Dan Cox

“Dan Cox is doing a great job running for Governor of Maryland. He will bring dignity back to a State that is much more “red” than anyone would ever know or believe. Dan will fight for our schools, our jobs, and our entire way of life. More importantly, Dan will end Larry Hogan’s terrible RINO reign by defeating his “Never Trump” successor, another low-energy RINO, Kelly Schulz. Early Voting is underway and Election Day is July 19. Dan will do an amazing job restoring FREEDOM to a shutdown Maryland. Hogan is one of the worst in the Country, governed more like a Democrat than a Republican, cheated with South Korea on the Covid tests, and locked everything up with really bad results. Dan Cox is a terrific guy with a beautiful family. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Dan Cox for Governor of Maryland!
Get rid of Rino Larry Hogan and ALL Rinos!

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