Endorsement of Dan Cox

“Dan Cox is an America First Patriot who is running for Governor in the Great State of Maryland. A tough lawyer, and smart businessman, Dan has done outstanding work in the Maryland General Assembly. Dan is MAGA all the way —unlike his opponent, Kelly Schultz, who was handpicked by her “boss,” RINO Larry Hogan, who has been terrible for our Country and is against the America First Movement. As a State Delegate, Dan stood up to Hogan when he was supporting and meeting with Joe Biden. Dan is for low taxes, school choice, and no more lockdowns. He supports our Military, our great Vets, our Second Amendment, which is under attack like never before, and importantly, is very strong on Election Integrity. He fought against the Rigged Presidential Election every step of the way, and will bring secure Elections back to Maryland. Dan Cox has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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#MAGA God bless and Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸

My Man Trump

Thank you, Mr. President for always looking out.

Peggy Williams

Thank you so much Mr. President! Maryland so needed this!

DebWis Maga

Dear President Trump- please come campaign for Dan Cox. Maryland is ready to turn around !!


Make Maryland RED!
Vote Dan Cox for Governor!
Make Maryland Great Again!

Mark Rakow

Maryland is one of the bluest states in the Nation. That’s not about to change; certainly not anytime soon. The current Republican Governor, Larry Hogan, is a good bet for reelection, unless they put one of Trump’s Chumps on the ballot.

Bottom line? In Maryland, it’s pretty simple: People are going to elect Larry Hogan, or a Democrat.

There’s only one thing I know about Dan Cox. He won’t be Governor of Maryland.

DebWis Maga

You say that because all the ejection fraud and gerrymandering makes that possible. …

Patricia McDermott

People won’t be re-electing Larry Hogan because he cannot serve another term. Governors can only serve two consecutive terms. That’s one of the problems with trolls – they can’t seem to get all of their facts straight.



Deborah Addor

That’s great.
When are you coming back?
Biden and the regime has got to go now!!

Elizabeth Headley



Keep those endorsements coming!!!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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