Endorsement of Doug Mastriano for Governor of Pennsylvania by President Donald J. Trump

“There is no one in Pennsylvania who has done more, or fought harder, for Election Integrity than State Senator Doug Mastriano.

He has revealed the Deceit, Corruption, and outright Theft of the 2020 Presidential Election, and will do something about it. He will also Fight Violent Crime, Strengthen our Borders, Protect Life, Defend our under-siege Second Amendment, and Help our Military and our Vets. He is a fighter like few others, and has been with me right from the beginning, and now I have an obligation to be with him.

Doug Mastriano and Dr. Mehmet Oz will make an unbeatable team going into the most important Midterm Election in the history of our Country.

They will Fight, they will Win, and they will Produce for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and for the USA itself.

I have fully Endorsed Dr. Oz, and now it is my great honor to give my Complete and Total Endorsement to a man who will never let you down, Doug Mastriano for Governor of Pennsylvania!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Mr President Trump why are you endorsing Dr Oz? Are you promoting the trans child surgery? Dr Oz does.
I am confused by some of your actions and endorsement
of Dr. Oz.
How are you not aware of the vaccine ingredients at this point? I am an average working citizen who has been able to locate that info, how are you not telling us the truth about it? Bringing J&J to a rally for praise is not the Trump I voted for 2 times!
If you are for truth and the people then lets see it like we did when u were in office sir.

My Man Trump

Thank you, President Trump! Pa is in desperate need for patriots. Right now it is all rino leadership.


Don’t forget, we are not a “cult” follower user base, we hold people accountable, even #45!
I posted a link on the other post for Dr Oz opponent who seems the most solid. I see a couple comments from the past that seem questionable, but I like what I hear now, and have not seen anything yet to sway me to another choice. Feel free to comment here or the other post, and enlighten myself (and others!) on why the candidate you support is the best choice over the other two, if you have something new to add.

Mark Rakow

Dr. Oz can’t even win over the Republicans. He’s not going to win over the rest of Pennsylvania. He’ll lose the US Senate race, and he’ll take Doug Mastriano down with him.

Way to go, Don. You, and your MAGAts, just cost the Republicans another Senate seat.


WE WANT OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Make Pennsylvania Great Again!
Vote for Doug Mastriano for Governor of Pennsylvania!


Thank you and congratulations! We need true strong leaders to get the job done!



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