Endorsement of Frederick Frazier

“Frederick Frazier has spent 26 years in Texas Law Enforcement and served 14 years as a Special Deputy U.S. Marshal. He was twice recognized by the White House for his outstanding work and I was proud to appoint him to my Law Enforcement Commission. As a Dallas Police Officer, he will be the first and only member in the Texas House to also serve as an active member of a Police Department. He is a Strong Conservative who has been a great supporter of mine. Frederick Frazier has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the Texas House!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sounds great!!!


Mr. President, the Republicans need to get their acts together. Us citizens barely know who’s running. For instance, Illinoisans have a difficult time finding any listings, etc. of candidates. There should be publishings on soc media. Blue states will only publish Dem candidates.

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