Endorsement of Governor Bill Lee

“Governor Bill Lee is an outsider who led the Great State of Tennessee through difficult times, without compromising his Conservative Values. Tennesseans enjoy more freedom than ever before. He fully supports Law Enforcement, Strong Borders, the Second Amendment, our Military and our Vets. Re-electing Bill Lee means putting America first. Bill has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

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One more reason to vote for Curtis Carney.


which policy or circumstance didn’t you like between 2017 and 2021?


Can’t argue with that except what is “outsider” supposed to mean ?


Fantastic! I’d sure vote to re-elect him if I lived in Tennessee! Best of luck to you, Governor Lee. I truly hope you win again!!


Re-Elect Bill Lee in the Volunteer State!

Patriot for TRUMP

I disagree on this one.

Ralph Fleming

That’s not allowed there Patriot. You will now be labeled a commie lib socialist lefty rino. How quick the mighty have fallen. They’ll probably expect you to change your name also. You can be neutered for Nancy or pansy for Pelosi. You pick!


Of course it’s allowed…but when 1/3 of Republican Senators throw sinking Joe Biden a life line with the multi trillion bill then you can understand a sensitivity to RINOs running wild. Democrats stab you in the chest…RINOs stab you in the back.


What’s the reason?

Patriot for TRUMP

Executive order 83. It’s vague about section 18 and what it’s solely for. I emailed Bill Lee and I was told that this order was for hospitals only. I replied: But it did not state that’s what it’s purpose was solely for. I didn’t get a response for that reply. Is it possible I might be reading it wrong, of course. But, I’m not the only person that reads it the same way.


A bit more context will help else this just sounds like an anecdote is a reason to vote for one person over another rather than policy differences. I don’t care one way or other, just looking for an understanding.


Good. Question: Will there be a listing of your endorsements before the primary??

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