Endorsement of Governor Kevin Stitt

“Kevin Stitt has done a fantastic job as Governor of Oklahoma. He is a champion for our America First agenda, a fearless defender of the Second Amendment, and a supporter of our great Military and Vets. He is strong on the Border and believes in American Energy Independence. Governor Stitt worked with me on cutting burdensome regulations and reforming occupational licensing. Kevin was a very successful businessman in 2018 when I first endorsed him. Now, he is a fighter for the incredible people of Oklahoma. Kevin Stitt has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Keep Oklahoma Great!
Re-elect Kevin Stitt Governor!


Stitt is doing a good job for OK!

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Gloria Hensley

I’lm thinking you already know this – but Lindsey Graham has to primaried. He’s not just a RINO, but he’s a sneaky RINO, more like McConnell. He’ll do what he can to help Republicans loose – just like he worked with McCain (God bless his soul) to get the Ukranians to believe that U.S. would do everything to help them if they would start a war with Russia. That makes me wonder what other crooked, mean, democrat things has he done!


LG needs to go!!!!

Meegan Fixler

He sure does! He’s a lunatic calling for the assassination of Putin!

Gloria Hensley

Have we gotten rid of Dominion machines yet? Or at least found a ay to see that they aren’t connected to the internet and go to China and back? Or the algorithms haven’t been messed with? And, that Zuckerbuck or Soros won’t be spending millions of dollars to bribed the poll workers – or the governors – or the Secretarys of State – or the AGs, etc. George Soros has put $1M already in Biden’s pot. He knows Biden has no friends in the people, but his money has been able to destroy many nations and figures he can destroy ours the same way. So those machines have to be done away with, and ballot harvesting and drop boxes.

Michael Jenson

this Okie will agree 100%. A good Governor like a good President maskless between the river’s oh yeah…

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