Endorsement of J.D. Vance

“MAGA patriots from across the nation are set to deliver an election landside for Republicans that will serve as a devastating rebuke of the failures of Joe Biden and the Radical Left Democrats. In the Great State of Ohio, the candidate most qualified and ready to win in November is J.D. Vance. We cannot play games. It is all about winning!

Like some others, J.D. Vance may have said some not so great things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I have seen that in spades. He is our best chance for victory in what could be a very tough race. The Democrats will be spending many millions of dollars, but the good news is that they have a defective candidate who ran for President and garnered exactly zero percent in the polls. The bottom line is, we must have a Republican victory in Ohio.

This is not an easy endorsement for me to make because I like and respect some of the other candidates in the race—they’ve said great things about “Trump” and, like me, they love Ohio and love our Country. I’ve studied this race closely and I think J.D. is the most likely to take out the weak, but dangerous, Democrat opponent—dangerous because they will have so much money to spend. However, J.D. will destroy him in the debates and will fight for the MAGA Movement in the Senate. He’s strong on the Border, tough on Crime, understands how to use Taxes and Tariffs to hold China accountable, will fight to break up Big Tech, and has been a warrior on the Rigged and Stolen Presidential Election. J.D. is a Marine who served in the Iraq War, a graduate of The Ohio State University, and earned a Law Degree from Yale—a great student. With J.D. Vance, Ohio gets both brains and brawn. Ohio has been good to me, I won it twice, really BIG, and I have likewise been GREAT for Ohio. Let’s keep it going!

It is time for the entire MAGA movement, the greatest in the history of our Country, to unite behind J.D.’s campaign because, unlike so many other pretenders and wannabes, he will put America First. In other words, J.D. Vance has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will not let you down. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Where’s Max Miller’s endorsement? I can’t find it.

Save Our United States

President Trump, this endorsement is just wrong for America. I suspect I know why he is being endorsed but I shall keep that to myself. You know in your heart as does everyone on this page the right candidate for the job.

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Save Our United States

This one is still perplexing me. Why? Scratching my head.

My Man Trump

Sir, please rethink this. I have lived in Ohio all my life and have never heard anything good about Vance.


I’m extremely disappointed in this endorsement. Josh Mandel, Ohio’s son, is the one I’ll be voting for come May 4th. I have spread the word far and wide to vote for Mandel and Mark Levin feels the same and backs Mandel.

Save Our United States

What happened to Josh Mandel? Who is advising you Mr. President?

Johnny Appleseed

Happy Easter!!!🐣🐇🐰


Now if you can find a true and great conservative to run against the old crow a.k.a cocaine Mitch in Kentucky that would be perfect. BTW, I said conservative, not YOU Amy ( mini Hilary Clinton ) McGrath.


Keep Ohio RED!
Vote for J.D. Vance!


Keep the endorsement coming with one caveat: The ability to FIRE THEM and not wait for the next fraud election to get rid of a bad flip flop player. Because the next time may be the start of a civil war.


What Debates GOP is chicken!!!!


Why have debates when they are RIGGED like the 2020 election!

Dean Anoia

Let’s goooooooo 🇺🇸


Need you back now! Not after the midterms. NOW!!

Strange Brew

Dude! Didn’t you get the memo? No more debates for the GOP


Big mistake. Huge.

Phillis Massad

Please get rid of whoever is pushing for endorsements of people who have already shown their true colors before.


IT IS TIME TO “MAKE AMERICA GREATER >>>now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for all your endorsements. Don’t know what we would do without you. You are a true leader. I should already say congratulations to JD Vance.

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