Endorsement of Jimmy Patronis

“Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer for the Great State of Florida, has done a great job as CFO, where he also serves as the State’s Fire Marshall and as an important member of the Florida Cabinet. A fourth generation Floridian from the wonderful Panhandle, and owner of an iconic seafood restaurant, Jimmy has been a great friend to me and to MAGA.

Jimmy Patronis served in the Florida House of Representatives from 2006-2014, where he distinguished himself and chaired the Economic Affairs Committee. Jimmy is a defender of the 2nd Amendment, strongly supports our First Responders and our Greats Vets and works to keep Florida’s Economy strong. Jimmy Patronis is a committed conservative and a great family man and I give him my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Karl Young

If you told Donald Trump he was Machiavellian, he would go ask Jared what that means, and then come back and say, “Thank you!”


Karl Young = Karl Marx!
FJB! and YOU!


FS times infinity!!!!!


WOW you must be really horny gwenny!!!

Karl Young

I think every candidate who just gets an endorsement should complain, “Isn’t an endorsement a binary thing? You either like somebody or you don’t? What do I have to pay you to get a ‘complete and total’ endorsement?”


Ask Commie Joe, Obummer or the Corrupt Clintons!


He’s just a peon in the communist regime, it’s not likely they’ll even listen to him let alone talk to him.

Not really sure he understands how is works in communism.


God Bless~Godspeed~MAGA!




Keep Florida GREAT!
Vote for Jimmy Patronis!


Win win win.


Go fight win!!!! Hold on I’m cumming!!!


Yeahhhh so we heard, butt here I thought you wanted to be busy with Stu until infinity I think it was you said?

Just give him a quick kick in the nuts Cindy, or maybe two to be safe.

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