Endorsement of Joe Lombardo

“Sheriff Joe Lombardo is running for Governor of the Great State of Nevada. A U.S. Army and Nevada National Guard veteran, Joe joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 1988 and has bravely served and protected the people of Nevada for the past 34 years. As the elected Sheriff of Clark County, Joe has fought some of the worst criminals and defended neighborhoods and communities from the horrific violence enabled by the Radical Left across our great Country.

As Governor, Joe will fiercely Protect our under-siege Second Amendment, Oppose Sanctuary Cities, Support our Law Enforcement, Veto any Liberal Tax Increase, Protect Life, and Secure our Elections. Joe Lombardo is the leader Nevada needs, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Governor!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I am without words of enlightenment! When seeing this all I can do is cry! This horrible Metro Department is the worst!
A very Large Man planned out and ambushed me from around a corner with a golf Club! Had told others of his plan to kill me! Me a 5’ tall woman did not even know he was there until my hair was swishing into my face as he swung the club!
officers refused to clear the house, when they arrived he had me pinned into my car on phone with 911 as he smashed out all the windows!
They arrested the hero that saved everyone from harm! Open Carrying “Legal” did not even raise his voice!
Attacker allowed to steal my Identity, belongings, and officers stole any hope of safety in this town! As they also attempted taking my phone and did take both sets of my keys! Leaving me stranded to walk streets of Las Vegas for 26 hours before returning them! Cost me not only house full of furnishings, person items, Mental Health Clinic, employment, credit score, I suffered 3rd degree burns as well! I refuse to be a burden on working Americans so no medical care! 10s of Thousands of $$ later and one beautiful DesertBaby 45 I now need to replace! This man is unfit! Was also caught feeding Democrats $$$ for their campaigns! Please sir take it back! I messaged MTG months ago about this!
I can’t even leave my home anymore as this Narcissistic Dangerous man is free to do as he pleases! Won’t come to my home as he fears my Dogs! Not 1lawyer in this town with balls either! So much more but I know your busy! God bless you Sr. & God once again Bless our beautiful nation! Remove the thieves and give your home back to making America Independent again!



Dean Anoia

With you 100% sir. The Red Wave is in the works.


Nope. Not a good choice. I live here, Vegas, and ALL.he had to do is say there was NO VOTER FRAUD in the 2020 election. From his lips to my ears, it’s what he said in a local news interview. How is it, Trump or his people, Don’t know this about him. John Lee is a better choice. Joe also was board member for Steve Sisolak who has been proven to be a real POS, covid crazy. Anyone associated with crooked Sisolak can’t be a good, solid choice, or trusted, just the opposite. Sisolak is well hated by Nevadans. And Lombardo associated himself with him. Just another RINO I believe. Anyone who says that there was ZERO FRAUD is not on MAGA’s side. Just another snake.


Agreed!!! He funds Dems, victimization of victim’s while allowing mad men to continue terrorizing community’s all over the valley! Bragging he’s been beaten up a wheelchair bound elderly lady and stolen her Social Securities check, stabbed another, but never sees a judge! Brags he owns the department! Now cannot even go see a show junkies shooting up in alleyway! Deification on buildings, bodies being found all over the Valley! Kids go missing and if you heard it keep look out cause wont hear anything else! What is the Sheriff doing? 4 kids tossed big rocks over off ramp and police never even came, same when car was broken into! now have broken window again! I used to love this city! But now its just not safe! More to the city than the strip!


Make Nevada Great Again!
Vote Joe Lombardo for Governor!

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