Endorsement of John James

“John James is a fantastic candidate running for Congress in Michigan’s 10th Congressional District. John was a brave combat pilot, flying the very impressive Apache Helicopter in Operation Iraqi Freedom. John isn’t just tough, but he is also very smart—he received his Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management from Penn State and his MBA from the University of Michigan. He is a job creator and a problem solver who knows how to deliver for Michigan. What’s more important during a supply chain crisis than a supply chain expert? John James is going to be a great Republican member of Congress, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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He won last time and it was stolen, just like your election, Mr. President!!!


John James was another candidate affected in the 2020 election…at 2:00am he was up by 200,000 votes, I woke up a couple of hours later and he was down by 200,00 votes!! He’s a good man and would be a big plus in congress!!

Gloria Hensley

He has my total endorsement too. He was the legal winner in the 2020 race. Gary Peters is another democrat illegal. He knows.

Mark Rakow

Gary Peters defeated John James in the 2020 Senate race by more than 92,000 votes, or 1.7%.


John James for Congress in Michigan’s 10th Congressional.
He is an Excellent Candidate!
Make Michigan Great Again!

Michael Jenson

amen listen to sleepy joe on TV change his name to putin his speach makes sense. he is such a Dem-witt he made the pain, we had energy independence.


we need all of the god fearing, american lovers we can find, the ones that believe in our constitution.

Craig Barrett

I hope he fights harder this round

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