Endorsement of Kevin Kiley

“Kevin Kiley, who is running for Congress in California’s 3rd Congressional District, has been a conservative champion in the California State Capitol—no one has fought Gavin Newsom harder than Kevin. He doesn’t wait for the fight, like the do-nothing RINO’s who have watched California get absolutely destroyed by the radical maniacs in Sacramento. Kevin is smart and tough. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Harvard and his Law Degree from Yale. Kevin Kiley is tough on securing our border, ending California’s reckless universal mail-in-ballots and securing our elections. Kevin is going to be a MAGA Champion in Congress and has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sadly, I can’t vote for him, as I am in the wrong district to do so. I wish Kevin Kiley a Thumbs Up! We need men like him to run for any and all offices in California to help clean up the California Swamp!


They stole AT LEAST 1.5 million votes in California in the 2020 General Election
FrankSpeech, Fix2020First, State by State, drop down, select California

They tried to steal Texas and Florida as well, but ran out of ballots short of the target. That anomaly of the votes just stopping when headed for the steal should probably stick out to any of our statisticians now that they are aware of this fact.


Go Kevin!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for posting an endorsement for CA. Not in his district, but glad to hear it.

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