Endorsement of Mayes Middleton

“Texas Representative Mayes Middleton, who chairs the Texas Freedom Caucus, is a very effective leader in the Texas House. His voting record on Conservative issues is second to none. Mayes championed the forensic audit to identify Voter Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, he knows CRT indoctrination is wrong for our school children, he co-authored the bill to triple security along the Texas border, and strongly supports our great Military and Vets, and our under siege Second Amendment. I am proud to give my Complete and Total Endorsement to a MAGA champion, Mayes Middleton!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Caradoc Steve Armstrong

I was watching a News Briefs,Apex or news Opera, both owed by the P.R.C. Showing The Userper Jo Biden Giving Premier Xi ping Classified Top Secret Paper Documents said in caption below documents containing the deployment of our military and vulnerablities, even in the continental United States. Also the launch codes for all our Nuclear missiles. Now making Shure our enemy currently at war against us, the ability to launch any of our Nuclear missiles against any Nation including The Nation of Nationalist China, Japan South Korea Great Britain, Israel, The United States main land. Jo Biden and his handlers Vice President jamil Harris, Polosi, and possibly Baroc Obama, of high Treason, I call for the Antisediton act to be implemented and The impeachment of Jo Biden, Jamil Harris, Janitor Palosi. their trial for High Treason against The Nation of the United States, also possible imprisonment in a Federal Facility.

My Man Trump

So awesome for our great state of Texas! Vote for Mayes Middleton.




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