Endorsement of Mike Hoadley

“Whenever I go to Michigan, I get the biggest crowds and meet some of the best people. Mike Hoadley is a mayor, father, husband, and an Army Veteran. Leaders like Mike are stepping forward because they saw the greatest crime in American History—the theft of the 2020 Presidential Election—and are going to stop the steal and stop Election Fraud. I wholeheartedly Endorse Mike Hoadley for Michigan State Representative.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Johnny Appleseed

Less than six months after taking that fucking vaccine my father in law is dead.

Nothing really wrong with him before that.

From the time he got the vaccine… he lost control of his truck… woke up in a fucking hospital… retired… went to the hospital two more times…

Now is dead.

He drank. They are saying the sudden organ failure was do to alcohol poisoning…

It’s just funny my Pops died that fast… and my aunt had a fucking heart valve replaced…

Right after the stem cell research (baby fetal cells used to test) vaccine.

My aunt went to tell the people what was happening to her and literally got told it was all in her head.

Someone needs to start explaining to the general public what that fucking manufactured spike was on the virus real fucking soon…

Or it ain’t going to be pretty.

Note: things in nature follow fractals… they evolve in fractals…. There is no fucking way that spike was naturally occurring…

Just putting it out there.

Johnny Appleseed

This is a little off topic but the people that read my stuff knows I don’t care about being on topic:

If these mother fuckers that lied about the pandemic…

Lied about there being no election fraud…

Lied to the American people killing them with magic pills and hacking their children to bits to sell on the black market….

Lied about human trafficking while crucifying an elected leader…

If there are no trials….

If there are no death sentences for the millions that have died and treason…

Due to the drugs and filth they promote…

And usurping an elected official…

Then there is no good left in this world and there is no point in moving forward.

If a regular joe can be marked as a pedo for the rest of his life for simply tickling a kid… for showing an act of love and attention…

…or simply peeing on the side of the road….

But, the people that hack them up, molest them, sell their parts, sell them for sex and drugs, and move them like used cars to trade for power, money, and a pass…

You do realize we are a nation that has made it illegal to play and interact with our kids and it’s okay to abuse them….

Good fucking job bleeding hearts on both sides…. You are so good you made everything evil.

Maybe we should get to know God so we know what good is once again.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

I appreciate your thoughts and have had similar feelings myself in the past. Step into the world where good has already triumphed and be at peace. Now that we are here, how do we help humanity?

Johnny Appleseed

Got ya. Redirecting.


Time to get back on your meds buddy…

Johnny Appleseed

Na…. Time to stop letting people like you get away with shit…




I am a Michigan resident. Not yet heard of Mayor Hoadley. I will have to check him out.



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