Endorsement of Monica De La Cruz

“Monica De La Cruz will be an incredible Congresswoman for the people of Texas’ 15th Congressional District! A successful small businesswoman, Monica will fight hard to Grow our Economy, Secure our Border, Uphold the Rule of Law, Support our Military and Vets, and Defend the Second Amendment. With Monica, we will flip this seat and elect a Member of Congress who puts America First. Monica has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Stalwart Republican

Does Monica De La Cruz really need the endorsement of a failed real estate amateur, a failed public office holder, a failed father, a failed husband, a failed for-profit university hack, a failed seller of Grade C meats, and a failed human overall? Asking for a friend.


No No, Monica wasn’t endorsed by Biden or any of the mope ass left that want to rape and pillage this country using lies and deceit for there political gain of power. Monica was endorsed by a great man. I’m glad I caught your mistake, because if not a mistake I would think you were just STUPID!


FACT- We are NOT better off now than when Trump was President- ABSOLUTE FACT…- you have been played and you are either blind or stupid or both.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dan

Great to hear, with all due respect sir, I hope you did your homework and spoke with Pro Trump agenda people to make sure you endorse people that really want to carry on your America First agenda once elected; and not give you lip service or the American people lip service. God bless!



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