Endorsement of Patrick Witt

“Patrick Witt will make a strong Insurance Commissioner for the people of the Great State of Georgia. Patrick was a Warrior for the America First Agenda in my Administration, and I know he will put Georgians First in this very important role. Millions of dollars can be saved, Patrick is a former star quarterback and a very smart guy—Yale and Harvard Law so you know he has the toughness and intelligence to get the job done and done right. He also fought for Election Integrity on my legal team in Georgia following the 2020 Presidential Election scam. Thank you, Patrick. You have my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Vote for Patrick Witt Insurance Commissioner for Georgia!
Make Georgia RED again!


Bringing power to the People. Thank you, President Trump and to the up coming Leaders.


Insurance Commissioner ?
Obviously Witt dropped his campaign for Congress on orders so Mr TRUMP could improve his “perfect picks” average…
Good for Vernon Jones; not so great for Georgia… maybe try dog catcher


I’d much rather have a dog catcher in the Whitehouse, other than the current occupant.


Me too!
A Dog Catcher is BETTER Qualified!

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