Endorsement of Pete Flores

Pete Flores will be a great State Senator for the terrific people of Central Texas. With 27 years in strong Law Enforcement, Pete will stand for Law and Order, loves our Military and our Vets, and will fight to Secure our Border. Pete is strong on our Second Amendment and will fight for Low Taxes. Pete Flores has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the Texas Senate!”

By Donald J. Trump

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He’s a Trump man and therefore a good man. We need to fill every state with Trump approved people that wish to lead America back, We must fight to keep America, America.

Let’s even flip the evil big cities of Blue States. It won’t be long before Leftist Big City victims are on the Right side.

Question: Leftist, do you now see the good DJT has done for you; for America?

Those Leftist that are not made of corrupt money; who have family that they care for and want their children to have the American dream certainly miss DJT now?

I have no doubt the hoards of illegal aliens pouring across the border is the democrats replacement for the Leftist that have switched sides, and now support DJT.

We can’t allow another stolen election to take place.



Just Us in the USA

Texas is going BLUE! #Beto2022


Keep Texas GREAT!
Vote for Pete!

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