Endorsement of Prime Minister Viktor Orban

“Viktor Orban of Hungary truly loves his Country and wants safety for his people. He has done a powerful and wonderful job in protecting Hungary, stopping illegal immigration, creating jobs, trade, and should be allowed to continue to do so in the upcoming Election. He is a strong leader and respected by all. He has my Complete support and Endorsement for reelection as Prime Minister!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Keep Hungary Free and Great!
VOTE Viktor Orban for Prime Minister!


A wannabe authoritarian/dictator endorsing an authoritarian/dictator. Is Putin next?


Lookie there. The Chinese AI has surfaced again.


Prize is a volcano plug.


The Booby Prize is back with their usual line of Commie BULLSHIT!!


Tell me, in what way is Trump a dictator? How would you define dictator? I can hardly take the irony that we’re living under the most dictatorial president ever and people are still calling Trump one.


By trying to overthrow a free and fair election. Only president to not concede when he lost an election. You think it’s okay for people, including police personnel, to be killed and hurt because of his hateful rhetoric. It’s been proven over and over, including by people in his own administration, that there was no election fraud.


It has not been proven, there was indeed election fraud, and no amount of Democrat lies and coverups can change that. Period. BUT why on earth would you think I want people hurt and killed because of that??? I have NEVER condoned what happened last January; in fact I watched the whole thing on the news as it was happening and it made me feel sick. I’m tired of constantly repeating myself that Trump called for a peaceful protest. Had he instigated the riot, as the lie has it, I would have been incredibly disappointed in him.


I believe he said you have to fight like hell, which his followers did. Why don’t you believe all the court decisions? He could have stopped it but instead watched for three hours and did nothing. We will never agree on this. It’s very sad.


To be a Democrat is to be a Hypocrite.


There are other ways of fighting besides physical violence. I’m sure you know that, and that is what he meant. Peaceful protests, lawsuits, legal procedures like Ted Cruz and others were attempting to do at the time of the riot (so why would Trump interrupt that? Ended up losing support of some senators!). Those are all ways to fight. And what court decisions? Even the Supreme Court refused to hear the case on election fraud.

Trump did tell people to go home on Twitter. What else was he supposed to do?

Yes, sadly, so long as you continue to believe the left’s dishonest narrative, we will never agree. I can only hope someday the whole country will see the truth.


I pray it does

Mark Rakow

The Trump campaign filed 63 lawsuits, only one of which ended in a victory – but it was later overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Upon presentment, 33 cases were dismissed and 14 were voluntarily withdrawn, because no evidence whatsoever was presented. The other 15 were lost because the evidence presented was insufficient, invalid, inadmissible, and/or the plaintiffs lacked standing.

The US Supreme Court is not a court of original jurisdiction in cases regarding elections, because elections are conducted by the States, not the Federal government. Since those cases were dismissed, SCOTUS has no authority to act, and is thus compelled to refuse.

Sorry. These facts speak for themselves.

Mark Rakow

What proof do you have that “there was indeed election fraud?” Someone saying so can, theoretically, be evidence. But by itself, such evidence is not PROOF.


I would love to see the “proof” they always claim to have.


They (Dems) went after Trump with everything they had for 4 straight years and tried to impeach him twice with made up BS and you expect us to believe that they played all nicey-nice during the election? Not a chance in hell that I am buyin’ that crap. All ya have to do is watch the video footage of it. This happened because he was draining the swamp and you Marxist socialists didn’t like that. MOVE TO MOSCOW.

Mark Rakow

The House didn’t try to impeach Trump. They DID impeach Trump.
Twice, in fact.

The Senate voted not to remove him, but that did not, and does not, change the fact that he was impeached.

He remains impeached. Twice.


Move to Russia Commie!


Just like Dictator Biden!

My Man Trump

Totally agree. I saw him and his country on Fox (I believe). I was so impressed I watched the whole thing. As I was watching it, all I could think was, look at this guy and we have FJB”. And they all had to steal it in order to get that! You would think if you’re going to commit treason, you would be much more selective than that.


I agree with you Mr. PRESIDENT!


Viktor Orban has put Hungary at the top of my list of places to go!

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Yuk Chun Birch

You have such a global heart Mr. President!

R Minoglio

Thank you Mr. President.

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