Endorsement of Ryan Guillen

“Congratulations to Texas State Representative Ryan Guillen on switching parties and becoming a Republican. Ryan has served as a Democrat in the Texas Legislature for nearly 20 years, but he switched parties because of the Radical Left’s ongoing destruction of our Country. Ryan rejects the Radical Left’s plan to Abolish our Police, Open our Borders, and Destroy our Oil and Gas industries. He is Strong on our Military, Vets, Life, and he will Protect and Defend our Second Amendment. Our movement is growing across the Country, and Ryan Guillen, our newest Republican State Legislator, has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Keep Texas RED!

My Man Trump

Congratulations Ryan. We welcome you with open arms.

Harry King

Unfortunately, as with Jeff Van Drew, once a Democrat, always a Democrat, and when switching to the Republican Party, bring their Democrat Ideology with them. The best they can be is RINOs.

My Man Trump

Sometimes that is true and sometimes not. The area of the country that I was born into (my mother was also born and raised here) is and always has been stanch Democrats and even now. But when Obama was running in the primary something just did not sit right with him. So my mother and I did something no one does around here…We started thinking for ourselves and dove into the world of politics. It did not takes us long to realize we were never democrats, we are republicans. I told my friends about it and they also realized in our town it was never a choice and when we said it was okay to think for yourself, they became Republicans as well. Obama turned all of us into Stanch Republicans and we have never looked back. Once your eyes open from your honest investigation of the parties, you can never close them again. The propaganda has no effect.

Harry King

That is a great story, and I am glad you, and your community saw the light. But, we are talking about politicians, not normal everyday people. Democrat politicians know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what they are willing to do to achieve that agenda. Any moral, sane person knows without a doubt, that everything the Democrats are doing is EVIL, and anyone that has followed that ideology, has embraced it, is not moral, or sane, and will never truly be a Republican, but at best, just another RINO dragging our Party down, and making it weak, and ineffective.

My Man Trump

I truly hope that is not always true. I know it is with the radical commies but there are still moderates in the party, they are just too chicken shit to stand up.



Craig Barrett


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