Endorsement of Steve Toth

“Texas State Representative Steve Toth fights for Texas and fights for my agenda. Steve has led the way on election integrity. In the face of clear election fraud, Steve fought for a forensic audit in Texas, which we need now more than ever. Steve is running for re-election in House District 15. He loves and supports our Second Amendment, worked to help fund the Wall in Texas, believes in Strong Borders and Strong families, and will always stand against Voter Fraud. Texas can never go Radical Left, and with Patriots like Steve, it never will. Steve Toth has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank you Mr. President!!! We need lots of good conservatives.

Becky G

Thank you so much, Mr. President for giving us a head’s up on who the reel Patriots are…
NO MORE RINO’S!! WE gotta get the bad one’s outta there! Hummmm..
Maybe military tribunals for them 2

Elizabeth Headley

I’m encouraged by your sharing your endorsements with us all, Sir, (particularly Texas, my state) They’re most helpful for VOTERS!!!


Why do we have to wait on election 2022, and even nobody knows what result will be due to what the drastic left is doing everything for win. The best and the fastest way to take back our country is we the people need rise up all over the country and take it back. When corruption is in every part of the system, depending on the system and politicians to take back our country is just a joke!

Patricia McDermott

Sounds like a great choice. Thank you for keeping us updated.


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