Endorsement of Tim Michels

“Tim Michels is a very successful businessman running for Governor of the Great State of Wisconsin.

During my Administration, Tim served on my infrastructure task force, and helped us plan and start building the Keystone XL Pipeline before Joe Biden launched his assault on American Energy production.

The current Governor, Tony Evers, has been an abject failure for the people of Wisconsin, from his abysmal handling of the China Virus, where his lockdowns were unprecedented, to rampant crime across the State.

Wisconsin needs a Governor who will Stop Inflation, Uphold the Rule of Law, strengthen our Borders (we had the strongest borders in history just two years ago, now we have the weakest!) and End the well-documented Fraud in our Elections. Tim Michels is the best candidate to deliver meaningful solutions to these problems, and he will produce jobs like no one else can even imagine. Tim is an America First Conservative who Supports our Second Amendment, Honors our Brave Law Enforcement and First Responders, and Stands Strongly against the Woke Mob trying to destroy our Country.

Tim Michels has my Complete and Total Endorsement. If Wisconsin has the wisdom to make Tim their next governor, it will have unprecedented success!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Yeah only reason your endorsing Tim is cause he is a believer in the big lie


Congratulations Tim! God bless and Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA


Thank you President Trump for all your endorsements.


How ill a Wisconsin Governor strengthen or Borders. Sir do your homework please and provide meaningful info for your endorsements


All states are border states, since Brandon has been sending illegals all over the country.


Evidence Terrible’

Ralph Fleming

Hurry, SHEEP, and vote as your told!

A new leaf on the tree

Yes, as a citizen of this country and longtime resident of the state of Wisconsin Tim Michels will get my vote in person on Voting DAY…..

Have yard. send sign

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Assist us in spreading the word of the 45th president!