Endorsement of Wendy Rogers

“Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is doing everything in her power to find out the truth of the 2020 Election, and to hold people accountable for Election Fraud in Arizona. Wendy is a MAGA warrior who loves our Country and listens to her constituents. She has a truly great fighting spirit, is strong on Law and Order, securing our Border, and gun rights. Wendy Rogers has my Complete and Total Endorsement for reelection to the Arizona State Senate because she FIGHTS!”

By Donald J. Trump

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One too few. We NEED 50k Wendy’s!!!

My Man Trump

Go get them Wendy and thank you President Trump for cleaning out Arizona and making it great again with your endorsements.

Mr. Ree

GO WENDY! Split the vote so a true progressive can help restore Arizona to sanity!


Another “decertify” wingnut opportunist..


She’s doing a great job, keeping the fraud front and center. Go Wendy!!!

Cary Miller

Lt. Col. Wendy Rogers, Sen/AZ(R), conducts herself with Honor and Graceful Authority. I have as much respect for Col. Roger’s as any politician I’ve ever met or knew. If every politician were like her, we’d be doing fantastic but they are few and the many do everything they can to slow &her down because she is dangerous to them. I support Sen.Col. Wendy Rogers in every way I can. I urge everyone to do the same thing, if you love this country and are moral, that’s Wendy!
Please support her, she is truly fighting for “Her People”. We should be so lucky as to have a Senator of her calibre, (far and few between).

Jean M Guirao

Finally! this great!

Cheryl Bethoney

Wendy sure has been a fighter for us and it won’t go unnoticed.. I Thank God for the rising of good men and women we still have here , This is God’s country and its worth every bet to do what God has put at the beginning.. don’t stop, our days are yet to come. Our President is waiting for all of us…

Johnny Appleseed

Thank you Senator


Craig Barrett

She is my kind of politician, we need hundreds more just like her



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