Energy Independence it’s gone while Massive Inflation is coming

“We had energy independence, and now its gone. It’s gone. We had energy independence, when I left gasoline was at $1.87. Now it’s going to be double that. It’s going to be triple and quadruple that, food prices, everything. Lumber for a house is up at a level that its never been, so it costs much more for housing. It’s inflation. It’s massive inflation and it’s going to be very bad.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Krista Railey

Now watch the Fed’s increase rates to slow inflation in 3…2…1…

Fed policies cannot stop or slow inflation that is caused by high fuel and material costs which taxes the economy and impacts the cost of most goods and services. Not to mention hackers that target industries while the FBI targets Patriots.

We need our President to make America first again.

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