Enjoy the trip, Ron!

“DeSanctimonious had a failed campaign when he was running for Governor – He was ready to drop out, was WAY behind. Then I Endorsed him and he went big league, but artificially, up. The real DeSanctus, however, is the guy we are all watching crash a burn – A really bad politician. Enjoy the trip, Ron!”

By Donald J. Trump

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President Trump is out only real choice for 2024. That being said, I feel like there is manipulation going on with RINO’S backing our real President Trump that keeps claiming stuff about Ron to have u focus on him. This is publicly for DeSantis. Please don’t focus on him so much. Anyone in ur group of trusted people that continues to bring up Rino Ron does not have our Nations best interest. Thank u President Trump for all u do for America and our World. Just my opinions. God bless America and our World.

Sarah Luu

President Trump, You should just forget this guy, (unless he starts backing you publicly) because HE IS ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT to your run for the White House. If anything, EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK OF HIM, YOU ARE GIVING HIM THE PUBLICITY HE SO DESPERATELY NEEDS!!! FORGET HIM! Sarah Luu


Desantis = LOSER!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

I take it that you are NOT asking Ron DeSantis to be your VP. Some have wondered. Personally, I would advise your friends to be loyal and when they do not support you, they are not supporting the MAGA party.. They are ambitious and do not care about your dedication to saving AMERICA.AND you are the ONLY one qualified to do the job right. They are selfish and no wonder you are POed with them and DeSantis. I can feel the hurt in your comment. We should not do that to each other. And the. Republican Party will not succeed with all this disloyalty. You are the ONLY man who has laid his life on the line for AMERICA and is running for PRESIDENT.I think this demands loyalty. Nancy A. Daylo


He would be another Mike Pence or Worse!

Sick of the BS

Why not concentrate on telling us HOW you’re going to fix the multitude of bad policies that Biden’s minions have burdened us with since he was installed…instead of CONSTANTLY picking on DeSantis?
I will always support you, but I question your agenda at times.

Sick of the BS

President Trump,
Why not concentrate on telling us HOW you’re going to fix the multitude of serious issues Biden’s minions have engulfed us in since you left office ….instead of constantly picking on DeSantis ?
I’ll always be with you, but I question your agenda at times……


DeSantis should have showed loyalty to 45 but in true politician manner stabbed him in the back!

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