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My Man Trump

Where is the art, Sir.


Thank you for these Amazing and very beatifull golfcourses. You are very succesful with everything. Business, politics and sports. You won 2020 with biggest landsledelse in history. It should be all over in the news, but the lying media will never tell us about it. Only bad things will they report on our President.
When law and order is restored we Can only have media that tell the TRUTH. The rest must be silenced


👍 👍


As an American retired . I would love to travel . However Covid and the mess of the USA, and inflations I would never be able to afford such a luxury. I can hardly afford to fix the roof leaking in my house .. God Bless America Land that I ❤️


It didn’t load

Gloria Hensley

I hope someone has been able to see this incredible piece of art. Must be on Truth Social, which unless we have an expensive iPhone, we don’t see.


Give it time.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President