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Darren Baileey

So did he explain why Sudia Arbia gave him two billion dollars?

My Man Trump

Mark Levin is great and so was Jared.

jo young

watched it and my mind/opinion of jared changed a little. he admitted to being left of center before the WH but some perspectives changed as he was able to talk to others outside his bubble.

Bedminster Graveyard

You know the Jared was the mole right?


It was a wonderful interview President Trump. I have so much respect for Mark Levin , and Jared must be such a wonderful son-in-law. He is so geniune, smart and kind hearted. Thanks for recommending the interview. Just what Americans need to hear. How much you and your family ,care about “we the people”. Much love and many prayers🌹🦁🇺🇸 MAGA

Mary Geiger

Since I don’t get Fox channel i’ll have to wait and read about this interview.

Pedro Holland

can anyone send me a interview link i am not able to find

R Minoglio

It was a great interview. Real Americans know that you are innocent. What they say you have done is what they have done. THEY DONT CHARGE DEMORATS! Our justice system is a JOKE! Wake up people. Vote out all Democrats. If Republicans do not take control we will lose this country. Thank you President Trump.


Sorry, I will miss it because I have refused to watch Fox News since the election results…


Should be interesting.

Kimberley Pearson

Interview was great. Saw a different side of Jarred. Will order the book for sure. God bless you all. Praying for our country.

Michael Jenson

yes, I agree…..

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