Even the Washington Post was forced to do a major retraction

“…..Murder, Rape, Human Trafficking, Drug Dealing, and Assaults of all kinds, are just about at an all time high in Fulton County, Georgia, and yet the Democrat D.A. is spending VAST amounts of time, energy, and money going after me for making a PERFECT phone call, instead of the criminals that are systematically destroying our Nation. Even the Washington Post was forced to do a major retraction on this ever continuing Witch Hunt!”

By Donald J. Trump

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President Lezette McClain

Hello, I am President Lezette McClain of The Holy District Royal Absolute Monarchy in Jackson Alabama.I am also the USA Federal Hierarchy and I agree 100 %with Mr Trump our Biden Harris Administration and Judges and our legal /Law enforcement are all on DOPE,!It’s crazy how much money they are giving away in Washington! He Needs To Resign……


FJB! and the Washington Post!


Right there with ya!


They are only interested in protecting themselves and not the citizens.
They fear their own exposure of illegitimate and criminality.
You are their biggest threat and they fear your power and of the people.
They will soon learn that the citizens have control and will be exposed for who they are.

Mark Rakow

Why would they fear his power, such that it is? In this case, he has none.

Trump is now a private citizen, and he is subject to prosecution. If he broke the law, he’ll be prosecuted. If he’s prosecuted, he may be convicted. if he’s convicted, he’ll be sentenced.

And if he’s sentenced, he’ll serve that sentence. No one – not even Donald Trump – is above the law.


just exhausted with the shame they are casting on our beautiful country


I’m also exhausted with the shame trump is casting on our country. A “perfect” call asking Raffenberger to help him commit a crime. Trump IS one of the criminals systematically destroying our nation.


I guess you didn’t get the memo, it was just another witch hunt, using our tax dollars on senseless propaganda.


Just another STUPID LIBERAL!


Wow, what delusional planet are you from, the planet of libtard?

Dan for DT

The only shame being brought onto this country is by your man Biden and his crime family. You just HATE America so…. LEAVE–Go to Sweden where they have Socialism and 59% income tax–See how ya like living with what you want to bring down on OUR country.

Mark Rakow

“OUR country.” Really?

It’s as much Prize’s country, and mine, as it is yours. He, and I, and you, and every other American, have every right to live in it.

What’s more, even those Americans who might – or perhaps really do – hate America have every right to live here. And there’s not one damned thing you can do about it.

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