Every American deserves to have their First Amendment Rights protected

“The American people, and truth itself, are under attack by Big Tech’s unlawful and Communist-style censorship. We filed a historic class action lawsuit because every American deserves to have their First Amendment Rights protected, not destroyed by leftist radicals in Silicon Valley. Since announcing this lawsuit, over 85,000 stories have been shared by Patriots around the Country who know their voices are being silenced and freedoms restricted—and they have joined the suit. We have continued this effort with the filing of a Motion for Preliminary Injunction. We must fight back. They are destroying our Country. There is nothing more important than our right to free speech.

Join the class action lawsuit at TakeOnBigTech.com

By Donald J. Trump

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This is awesome! Thank you!! It’s insane what is going on with censorship. Never thought I’d see the day we’d be here. But I’m so glad YOU ARE STILL MY PRESIDENT!! 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

Debra Puddy

Why isn’t Trump speaking out about the vaccine mandates that is happening around the world!

Trump Won

Because they’re not here yet? Or maybe because he was vaccinated…

Stalwart Republican

You targeted BLM activists. The only “free speech” you want is that speech with agrees with you. Punk.


I think you meant to say BLM anarchists going around burning, looting and destroying cities and peoples businesses, when most of those destroyed businesses were actually owned by black Americans. PUNK! I think you need a name change to Stalwart Commie. How bout it PUNK??

Trump Won

What did Twitter cry about when Nigeria blocked them?


Amen President Trump! Sue the Hell out of the Commie-Lib big tech!

Just Me

Other lawsuits have failed as these companies are foreign-owned or otherwise not subject to having to adhere to the First Amendment.

You are going to have to prove that they are bound by the First Amendment. FB, for example, has to testify in front of Congress. Surely, that is reason to find they do have to follow the First Amendment. Companies based in one state are subject to the laws of every state in which they operate; cannot this be applied to the foreign-owned companies?

On FB, I pointed out that the earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours, that the earth zips through space at 67,000 miles per hour, that air currents from the other side of the world are, in 6 months time, our air currents, our breathable air. I got blocked from going back to the site where I commented.

On FB, I posted a world map showing that all other countries are using HCQ with great success, 10% reduction in mortality is great. My post was blocked, marked with fake information; never mind that multitudes of scientific/medical resourced maps showing this information are available on-line.

Somebody has go to be smart enough to establish that these entities are subject to the US Constitution; then prove that their actions are intentional to keep Americans from knowing and benefiting from the truth.

Tim Tates

The Second Admendment is the most important because it protects the First!


100% Correct!



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