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“Congrats to Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote on the great success of ‘2000 Mules,’ which is doing so well that it will return to theaters beginning this Friday. You can also stream the movie at home or purchase DVDs. Go to 2000Mules.com for details. The evidence is massive and overwhelming – everyone must see this movie on the Rigged and Stolen Election!”

By Donald J. Trump

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When are charges going to be filed??


It’s sold out in Fresno CA for this Thursday!!!


Donald Trump is a JOKE


you’re the Troll …


We’ve been been bending over for these criminals for decades! Why!? When does this legally end? Why do we need permission, licenses, and permits for everything we do in life? Why are we coerced into believing we need all this insurance protection? Health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, homeowners insurance, property insurance, vehicle insurance, dental insurance. Why are we coerced into this corrupt monetary slave system? Why are the biggest and tallest buildings in all cities in the us banks and insurance companies? Oh I see now!!!
All we need to do is stand up and stop bending over…. I believe we live in the greatest country on earth. Let’s act like it!!!!!BOOM.


Why doesn’t Mr TRUMP stream it for free on Truth Social ?


That would be nice. But ppl should get paid for their efforts. Nothing free is worth much…


It is free deanie the weenie look around you’ll find it doubt if you’ll learn anything from it I doubt that’s possible. Please try though, it might just help that constipated attitude.


Sounds like you’re constipated griffthegrand aka weenie .. a lot of people don’t have internet or the means to buy it.. If you’re a Maga person I was fooled by thinking more rino with you’re statement above ☝️


Dean is a full fledged hating democrat for one thing. If President Trump did stream it for free on Truth Social it would require the internet. So I am sorry if you don’t have the internet. Libraries offer that service, and you could watch it there if need be, or maybe you have a friend somewhere that has the internet and would invite you over to watch it for FREE because plenty of sites are streaming it, so you don’t have to BUY it. I do understand people not having the money to purchase especially with the economy tanking and the damage from inflation, and so does Dinesh D’Sousa which is why he’s not fighting it being streamed for free, I believe it’s even on another Locals site where he charges to see the movie.

It’s also being shown in theaters again this weekend, not in my State however.

I think it’s on bitchute for free, if I cone across another link to the free site I’ll post it for those who need that option. Here’s one option but it requires you to set up a free account.


I know there’ve been posts around from username Dean both against and in favor of President Trump, but I’m not aware of any site that allows more than one of the same usernames without adding a number of other character added to it, but if it makes you feel better I’ll drink some of my Mother’s miralax, but I doubt it’ll help my constipated attitude.

Thanks for the laugh, I really needed a good one, a RINO…yah you betcha!!


To many, 2000 Mules confirms what we knew all along.

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