Everyone should get your tickets early for the premiere next week

“An incredible new film by Dinesh D’Souza exposes massive and determinative ballot harvesting in the 2020 Election. Congratulations to Dinesh, Catherine Englebrecht, and all of the incredible Patriots at True the Vote who worked so hard exposing this great election fraud. Everyone should get your tickets early for the premiere next week. Watch it and spread it everywhere, it (among many other things) proves the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen!

Visit the website here.

Get your tickets here.

Attend the virtual premiere here.”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

2000 MULES! Brilliant! The commies won’t believe this either. LOL So sad. BTW, I was watching the tube, along with millions of other Americans, when FJB said they had the greatest election fraud in history. He then caught himself and tried to correct it but was so shook up, he said it again! You can’t make this shit up.

Mark Rakow

Sure, you can.
You just did.


Cant believe you had the time to make this film. You are so blessed. I do not Think any of us need to see any other film. We only want film about you. And not filled with lies. So many films that dont mention our great President. How is it possible?

Pat McGroin

A movie is now considered “proof”????


Great Production President Trump in AMC Theaters!
2,000 MULES is far from 2 Mules for Sister Sarah!


Nice to have the film. Possible the most important film ever!. but it will not change anything. We have already tons of evidence and I do not understand Why military has not yet reinstalled our POTUS in WH?

Mark Rakow

If you don’t understand why that is, there’s no point in explaining it to you.


Enough already. The only fraud during the 2020 election WAS DONE BY YOU and your inner circle. DAMM you even tried and failed at a coup, So please MAN UP & STOP LYING


Go To Hell Commie-Cheating Liberal!

My Man Trump

LMAO. Well, what else could he say but something stupid. The commies have lost the narrative and their deep state. Thank you President Trump. See you soon.

Mark Rakow

Donald Trump couldn’t “man up” at an all-girls’ school.


This should be on every news outlet. Americans must hear the truth once and for all.


So it’s a “for profit” production… how much does Mr TRUMP receive ?


How much money did you get from the DNC Dino to be one of the Mules?

My Man Trump

There is no getting away from this commie. You have already lost.

R Minoglio

Real American Patriots know the truth. You won the election. Why do we keep letting the demoRATS get away with this BS.

Patricia McDermott

If only it could be used to overturn this election and put the right man, the good man, back in office!

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