Facebook’s number of daily users has plunged for the first time.

“Facebook’s number of daily users has plunged for the first time in Facebook history. This means people are tired of Fake News and abuse and especially tired of their political shenanigans. It could also be that people are waiting for TRUTH—the highly sophisticated platform that we look forward to opening in the not too distant future. Time to straighten out what is happening in our Country!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Finally people are not playing anymore in the Facebook arena. About time. Truth Social coming real soon. Can’t wait.


Fakebook Days are NUMBERED!
Truth Social ROCKS!

Kay Bee

Definitely tired of Fake News, abuse and their political shenanigans. The TRUTH shall set us free: https://t.me/CreateTRUTHsocial


US Daily users has been dropping for a year, now global daily users has dropped.


Please Mr. President, It can’t come fast enough!


Cannot wait to see Twitter and Facebook Tank to nothing.

The whole world is eager to join Truth social.

Becky G

TRUTH will set the “normies” free…
DJT 45 46 47


FYI: Do not support GRAHAM. He’s a known RINO as I am certain you are aware of, but it is coming to a head. Stay clear of all RINOs.


Pence—MCConnell—Pompeo—Graham—Hayley—Ronna McDaniel are all RINOS

laura Petralia



I’ve been off Facebook for a year. It’s about time people are finally starting to figure out what FB’s true colors are… an arm of the CCP! Tracking and censoring everyone while gathering their personal information for nefarious purposes. Did you really think that Facebook is a free service?!


Too bad for faceplant. Evil elite. Can’t wait for it to implode.



Sarah Johnson

not too distant future = never

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Facebook is an absolute DISGRACE and violates our Rights. Besides, how is it possible that Suckerberg can donate 417 million to democrats, yet if one of us donated more than 5.6k to a Save America candidate they risk arrest???!!
I hope Facebook, Meta, Communistbook, whatever they care to call themselves gets taken apart and goes broke.
Big Tech and Fakenews media are the arms of the CCP democrats.

Kreg Vergith

Yep, Sir,
Thinning the herd at the Fake News outlets is a giant step toward reclaiming our Country with the unvarnished TRUTH.
They’re doing a not bad job of it by themselves!

TRUTHSocial will be GANGBUSTERS from minute one!
There are so many Americans starving for scraps of factual information that it will be a critical part in facing that need.

—Should we start a pool for the first overload crash? (wink)
It’s gonna be JAMMED, and I’ll be one of them!!!

Thank you for all your hard work!


The time to fix our country passed about 60 years ago. Because of political corruption and complacency on the part of the citizens, our once great nation is being given a swirlie by Resident XiDen, Heels up Harris and the rest of the ilk in their regime, and the other global elites. We need a president who will put the country on lockdown until all the communists are rounded up and sent off to re-education camps somewhere in OutterFarOfferStan.

Craig Barrett

Fakebook is the DEFINITION OF TRASH, I deleted my account

Michael Quinn

Sooooo READY Mr. President!!

Gloria Hensley

Well, they keep shadow banning people, and altogether banning them because of Zuckerberg ‘fact’ checkers which has nothing to do with facts. If 3/4 of the population is continually going to be told what they say is bad, then people are going to Gettr where nothing except filthy talk is banned. FB would probably let them talk! Then when TRUTH is released, there will be a couple of good platforms. Alleluia!

Gerald Warner

It will be worse once you start your social media

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