“Our great trade genius, Professor Peter Navarro, was just handcuffed, shackled, and put in jail, while the lowlifes of ANTIFA & BLM are allowed to rip off the public, roam free on the streets, kill people, and destroy our once great cities (all run by Democrats). When will this end? The American people will not stand for it much longer! Great patriotic heroes are being created every day. FAIRNESS AND JUSTICE must rule the day!”

By Donald J. Trump

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So WHEN are you going to do something POTUS? The American people who are held hostage to this farce administration are tired and feeling defeated. WHAT are we to do? ARE you advising us to rise up and create a civil war against the government? YOU must be the voice and lead. And if not YOU then WHO can we trust? WE must create a movement!

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As long as this fake government, fake President, fake news are in control, there will be no justice or fairness.
They are so afraid of you President Trump. They will continue their witch hunts just to keep the public at bay, and away from their own corruption. Fake news has to have something to report on beside reporting the truth.


Well Said Cindy!
Great Job!

Sarah Luu

” Bubble-Headed, Bleached Blonde comes on at five, She talks about the Plane Crash with a Gleam in her eyes, We love it when we LIE, GIVE US DIRTY LAUNDRY!” – The modern day, “FAKE NEWS” media anthem Sarah Luu


Professor PETER Navarro is the personification of Americans first. Read his book In Trump Time. He is a man without guile. He found solutions to the problems we faced as a country in the early days of the pandemic. Selflessly pursuing solutions, he probably saved hundreds of thousands of American lives. Thank you, Professor Navarro. We are praying for you daily and asking the Mother of God to protect you and defend you. This country is indebted to you for your intense, focused response in a time of crisis. True Americans don’t hang their heroes out to dry.

Sarah Luu



Have the voting booths been corrected? I do not see a change and that means more fake elections in 2022. Sad to watch US become Russia.


what a joke you are


How are things in Russia?


Are you joking? Really you went to talk about fairness & Justice. Your the boy who always cry’s wolf.

Strange Brew

Can’t wait for the 1/6 committee this Thursday! I KNOW you’ll be watching & throwing poo at your TV!

Sarah Luu

Mr.President, I’m sure you know what these charges and these ABDUCTIONS are intended to accomplish – THEY ARE SCARED 5HITLESS OF YOU AND WANT TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING BACK INTO THE WHITE HOUSE! Do what is necessary – DO NOT COOPERATE IN ANY WAY WITH THEM. As popular as you are with the military along with others in government ( don’t forget the American people and those around the world), DON”T LET THEM GET THEIR FILTHY HANDS ON YOU OR EVEN WORSE – HOLD THOSE CLOSE TO YOU AS HOSTAGES! If they can find a way, THEY WILL DO IT! They are insanely desperate. YOU and ALL of your friends will help you get back what was stolen, if you GIVE THEM THE WORD TO DO SO. I see no alternative but the insurrection act and/or revolution. EVERYDAY we are slipping into a hole from no return unless we act now. NOW IS THE TIME TO COME TO THE AID OF OUR TRUE AND LAWFULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP! All who can, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE OBEY YOUR SWORN OATH! “protect and defend from ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC” – NOW!! Our man Trump needs us. We MUST come to his aid, as he has done for us many times over! LETS GET BUSY! Thank You for EVERYTHING you’ve done and continue to do Mr. President..GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS on our path to VICTORY! “In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN with a VISION!” Sarah Luu


Witch hunt.


Ad all those jailed from the so called Jan, 6th insurrection. I just want to see justice done to these thugs for trying to destroy America and hurting good, innocent, patriotic citizens. The antichrist seams to be on his way.


Whom are you calling “thugs” while you call the people who assaulted police officers on Jan. 6 “good,” “innocent” and “patriotic”?

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Sarah Luu

The assholes that assaulted the capital police (what few there were thanks to Pelosi) and incited rioting over bullhorns WERE OBVIOUSLY TROUBLEMAKER PLANTS! There were several areas where “capitol police” were opening the gates and WELCOMING PEOPLE IN!. Don’t believe? WATCH THE MANY VIDEOS (That haven’t been taken down) AND SEE FOR YOURSELF! This IS a FACT that can be proven over and over again! What about the unarmed, innocent people, who were just walking thru, completely unaware they were doing ANYTHING wrong because the “capitol police?” were telling them to “come on in!” just to get beaten, some killed (MURDERED) and STILL LOCKED-UP without ANY arraignments. Get properly informed! Watching the many videos is POSITIVE PROOF of what Really happened that day. Watch, Listen and LEARN THE TRUTH! Sarah Luu
SORRY Shell!!! THIS MESSAGE WAS MEANT FOR “Rev. Charles Vaughn”!!! So, so SORRY!! Good Luck and GOD BLESS!!! Sarah Luu

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Jan 6 was a very fine and peaceful protest. All the violence came from marxist ANTIFA even thoughts the peacefull protesters were in their absolut right to take over Congress and actually they should have done it to stop the steal. Instead the marxist lies have put some many fine and patriotic people in prison. Shame!

Save Our United States

Can you say political prisoners? You see, our establishment and RINO Republicans have brought this on by having their heads stuffed up their arses for the last 25 years. Time to replace all of them — Democrats and Republicans.


The Democrats and Rinos are looking more and more like Nazis every day


Heil Joe Biden and the Nazi-Liberals!


this is not acceptable at all. this must not happen in America, just like what has happened to the proud boys this is what voter fraud has done to our America. PRESIDENT TRUMP WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER.


Please someone must rise to the occasion. I’m so ready to end all this corruption. This hypocrisy by this illegitimate government must stop. We need to protest at every state capitol demand the removal of The Biden regime. Demand law and order to be upheld. Demand production back, our jobs back and so much more.

Sarah Luu

“In EVERY Revolution, THERE’S ONE MAN With A Vision!”

Stacy G

With all due respect Mr. President at this point faithful patriots are losing homes, their vehicles, family members and patience. We were told to hold the line now for 2 years. Now we are expected to starve and lose more? Exactly when does the military stop this with the constitutional crisis???? If this continues any further you won’t have any patriots left. Unless that’s your plan? So, what plan are we trusting exactly? Single mom in the middle of America trying not to lose my house asking…

Meg P

Stacy thank you for speaking for so many. We need to keep praying to God and his son Jesus for the miracles only they can bring. We pray the Rosary every single day for you and for all Americans.


The military is not going to stop anything. No one is going to put trump back unless he’s elected which probably will not happen either.

Sarah Luu

Just like no one ever thought a national Presidential election could be tampered with and STOLEN! In this day and age, ANYTHING has become possible, especially the things that were once considered IMPOSSIBLE. If the correct people get organized, WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY FROM THOSE EVIL BASTARDS and put back our country ( and the rest of the world ) the way our founding fathers intended.BUT WE ALL MUST ACT NOW! IT CAN BE DONE! SO LETS DO IT,, IN EVERY THINKABLE WAY. They couldn’t possibly have replaced everyone in positions of power to “the dark side’. All that SWORE AN OATH ( i.e. especially the military, the secret service,etc ) need to become brave, FOLLOW THE OATH’S THEY SWORE TO, AND YES, an insurrection, a revolution, a coup, or whatever you want to call it, GET ORGANIZED IMMEDIATELY AND GET IT DONE! RIGHT NOW! WE CAN DO IT. JUST LIKE OUR COURAGEOUS ANCESTORS (i.e. The American Revolution, WW2 and others). Put in place the people that we truely elected, and DESTROY those who had ANYTHING with STEALING IT! NOW! We can’t just be sitting around on our asses “hoping that it will be fixed again in a few YEARS” IT NEEDS TO BE DONE NOW!! Those of you in positions to make changes, STOP BEING CHICKEN, FOLLOW YOUR OATH AND DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN. BE BRAVE, PUT YOUR FEARS ASIDE. Were the founding fathers and those of “THE GREATEST GENERATION” AFRAID? I’m sure they were, but they did what was necessary, sacrificed so many, BUT THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL!!! We WILL be too, if we just get up, get organized and JUST DO IT! “In EVERY Revolution, there’s ONE MAN with a VISION”! Let’s get GOING! Thank You. Sarah Luu.


They swore an oath to the constitution not to some orange faced lying insurrectionist.
There was no election fraud. The only fraud is Trump who can’t admit he’s a loser and is trying to destroy the country because of it. He should be ashamed but since he’s a narcissist, doesn’t have that emotion.


There was massive fraud and There is massive evidence. But the media and juridical system is corrupt and all part of the big Marxist cover up and sadly many people beleive the lies. Our country is stolen and probably the marxist will destroy everything or try to sell us to foreign powers. Why do you Think they are so busy on gun restrictions?

Sarah Luu

Where were you “educated” ( more like indoctrinated )? The communist university for the dumb5hit?

Last edited 9 months ago by Sarah Luu

I want to thank you Mr President for standing in the gap for us . And I want to thank the digital warriors for standing in the gap between us the armed public and the deep state DEMONS.


Spot On President Trump!
This BULLSHIT the Commie-Liberals are doing MUST Stop Now!
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


This is the kind of thing revolutions are made of, isn’t it? Our justice system has collapsed, and political prisoners are the main course of the day in this orgy of communism. God help us but the pump is primed. All of our elections must be honest ones if this republic is to be saved. Political prisoners must be released and those who acted criminally to jail them must be held responsible sooner than later.


I agree.

Sarah Luu

Always remember Art, “in EVERY revolution, There’s ONE MAN with A Vision”. We ALL must NOW come to the aid of and for President Trump in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. Thank You and GOD bless, Sarah Luu.

Linda M

Unfortunately we are living in a lawless environment. FBI is just a mob, a gang. Should be unfunded and eliminated. Probably other government paid organizations too. I’m hoping we don’t have a civil war but it may be coming. They keep trying to infringe upon our Constitutional rights. I don’t see this being allowed by we the people. Those who seek to control have to USD others to do the dirty work. They won’t survive if they had to do for themselves.


DOJ= Department of NO Justice

Strange Brew

Stuart = Idiot


Crack Head= Strange Brew/Brandon/Hunter


They also put Navarro in John Hinkley’s (who is being unconditionally released soon) cell. So Hinkley’s out and Navarro is in. What is the message there? We must push back with every legitimate, peaceful, and lawful means possible, including turning out to vote.


‘ Ultra’ MAGA *God bless and Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸


To be honest this swamp behavior was going before, during and after your term. Take
names and kick as president is needed. No fucking around. No pussy footing or sucking up to scumbag politicians. No deals. Heads must roll.

If not the American People will take care of the problems we have as a country. This means war. Who do you think would be the first to be a target? It will be a war like no other. Could end with no one winning and nothing left worth winning. But the death of all scumbags will make it worthwhile for somebody.

Still even in death the democrats would win. Because the dead is their voting base.

Mary Geiger

It’s not fair but who do we go to when the law breaks their own rules and their own laws? Courts are the same.


We can’t trust anyone. Since the planned pandemic and the stolen election they are all showing us their true colors. Protecting this illegitimate government scam. Worried that I can’t trust my doctor, hospitals, schools, justice system, and much more.
I feel we are held hostage to this radical leftist regime.
Still trying to force me to take the vaccine. I feel discriminated at my job and other places. Also forcing me to take the flu shot. I never had the flu. Never had the shot.
I’m tired of people telling me what I need to do for my own health.


Sorry I’m just venting.


You Can trust nobody But our President

Jimmy Faires

Definitely scary times for the entire United States of America! It seems like this is a planned agenda by the Biden cabal to override our constitution and remove our freedoms. Praying for our Great Nation.


ALL planned!

Patricia McDermott

And it’s not just this administration. This has been in the planning for decades – including RINOs in the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. etc.!!!

Meg P

Yes, we all need to take time every single day and pray for the USA. Our family takes at least one hour a day to pray to God our Father, and Jesus our Savior. We are in the Easter season and great miracles beyond our wildest dreams can come from prayer and adoration to God. Please pray.

S L Strohs

Hey I have my own problems to deal with. Gas just jumped 60 cents a gallon in five days in N Michigan. Now 5.19 a gallon. Reg unleaded. And no, Michigan did NOT vote for this.

Patricia McDermott

Everyone is dealing with the same things, and more.

Mark Rakow

Trump talks about fairness, yet he refers to certain people as “lowlifes.” He talks about justice, yet he complains that these people “roam free on the streets.”

Trump knows nothing about fairness or justice. He knows plenty about hypocrisy.


Lol….keep trying bud. You’ve got nothing.


Mark is a Crackhead like Hunter and Brandon.


and Stewie!!!!!!!!!


Only Commie-Libs smoke Crack!

My Man Trump

Neither do you. You are the hypocrite. Sitting there and constantly judging people and lecturing them like you are some kind of higher authority. You are just a lowly comrade in a sinking regime.

Mark Rakow

I understand why so many of you are especially peevish this week. I just wonder what you’ll be doing on Thursday night, while the rest of us are watching TV as the House lays out the case against Donald Trump.

A new leaf on the tree

The country is upside down.

The only thing Biden and his henchmen can do “correctly” is destroy our country

But we will start to correct things in November and put the real criminals in jail !

Patricia McDermott

I hope and pray that you’re right!

A new leaf on the tree

I know I am right. Most of the people in this country can see what is going on… and unless the crooks can rig and steal another election…. we will begin the process to take this country back from the criminals at all levels

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President