Fake Elections have consequences

“Fake Elections have consequences, just look at the horror of Afghanistan coupled with the massive incompetence at our Southern Border!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Eira Kjear

Indeed…SEVERE consequenses…The world watched in Horror for FOUR years as you butchering the USA!!! We are all waiting for Justice to scrape whats left of your free days and put you away! Regards, Europe!


Ummm @ Legitimate President Donald J Trump Sir look at this ASAP I sent to Mike Lindell on gab & addressed many other’s Sir. https://www.usagainstmedia.com/blogs/news/michigan-follows-arizonas-lead-for-a-full-forensic-audit


Agreed. Now correct the erroneously certified states of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and Nevada, the other States can addressed later.


Almost as bad as the Trump administration handling of the pandemic. It’s “totally under control.”

Trump Won

Who do you look up to?


Mike Hunt

We’re rounding the corner, gonna be gone like a miracle, the warm weather will kill it & if not the cold weather will if we don’t inject bleach first while shaving a lightbulb up our asses!


Where is the squiggly microscopic evidence that masks and Vax work? If it’s all about FAITH, then congratulations, you’ve just scientifically proved that God exists!

Joe mama

Fake Presidents Hide at golf courses!

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LOL, That’s all you got? Bad week for democrats huh? Well 2021 is turning out to be a bad year for all Americans under a Biden Administration. Lets get a President who really won the 2020 election back in the Whitehouse, “Donald Trump” a competent leader.

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Trump Won

Where’s Bunker Biden?

Drink Clorox

In the White House where the American People put him with their 81 million votes.


Not only impact to the US, but to our key partners too.

Boris had to genuflect to the libbies in the UK because he no longer had a strong US trade partner to bolster the Brexit two fingers to the EU masters.

India was ascending to their rightful seat at the table, but, alas, that hoes back yo China now.

And don’t even think about what’s about to happen to Taiwan.

The globalists have killed more than the US. I can’t wait until they all go to their permanent home – in hell!!

James Odell Manning Jr

Time for the TRUE people’s choice of the 2020 election to assume the position of Commander and Chief.End this Biden puppet show ASAP

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help