Fake News Media has badly soiled Liz Cheney

“The Fake News Media has badly soiled Liz Cheney, who has just suffered the biggest defeat of a sitting Congressperson in history (broke the record of another Impeacher, Tom Rice of South Carolina!), losing by 40 points, all over the place doing interviews that nobody wants to hear. No wonder their ratings are sooo BAD. Her record setting horrible results were a referendum on the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs, of which she is definitely one! Amazing how they keep her on the air?”

By Donald J. Trump

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Liz Cheney SOILED ON Herself!
The WHOLE Country Hates Her and Her Dad!


she soiled herself when she headed a lying committee. Anyone either that duped or evil is done in my book.

My Man Trump

Cheney is horrible and she comes from a long line of horrible. She will absolutely not be missed.


Soiled is an interesting use of words, President Trump. I believe that describes Cheney and the Fake News media too.


She’s got to boo-hoo, and she’s one of the perpetrators! Liz has been out to make Donald Trump look bad so her “January 6” committee can bring charges against him for the purpose and ultimately get him for insurrection and threaten his life (or worse). We can all see through her, plain as day!


Liz and fake news goes hand in hand.
These attacks against President Trump and the American people have to stop.


Biden had no trouble soiling himself without any assistance,Cheyney is the mark he left in his drawers


Right On!

My Man Trump

Brilliant!!! LMAO!


don’t worry Donald, she’s coming to get you. That’s for sure.




Somebody SOILED on your Face Petie!

Sarah Luu

The ONLY reason the”fake news media” gives her the time of day, is because SHE HATES YOU AS BAD AS THEY DO!

Michael Jenson

Liz Who?…. oh the demo-witt

R Minoglio

Good riddance to traitor to her party Liz Cheney. We need you back. President Trump ASAP.


Liz Cheney comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln? Liz, a word of advice. STAY OUT OF FORD THEATER! And keep Dad away from the theater, too! He’s shot one person in the face, already!! ROFLMAO!!

Last edited 7 months ago by Tim

You know they are desperate when they want to interview Liz Cheney.

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