Fake News Media is pushing hard

“Even though I am as innocent as a person can be, and despite MY campaign being spied on by the Radical Left, the FISA COURT being lied to and defrauded, all of the many Hoaxes and Scams that were illegally placed on me by very sick & demented people, and without even mentioning the many crimes of Joe and Hunter Biden, all revealed in great detail in the Laptop From Hell, it looks more and more like the Fake News Media is pushing hard for the Sleaze to do something that should not be done!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Fake News Media…The country’s number one enemy. They are complicit with FJB and his regime.


They are running scared. Making up stuff as they go. Law breakers.

Sarah Luu

VERY FEWER believe ‘THE FAKE NEWS MEDIA” & the ratings prove it. I’ve got a few things they can “PUSH HARD”, right up their ASSES!, But MOST of them would probably ENJOY that.


Not only are you INNOCENT, President Trump, but the innocent shown on the laptop were violated in other ways by Hunter & Joe!

Try reporting on what all they have done to our children, MSM! THEN you’ll have something worth talking about!


It’s just unbelievable all what they are doing before our very eyes. They have no shame, no morals,
They have to be stopped. Law and order must pursue the guilty and protect the innocent. My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ. Justice will prevail.
From start to finish, they must all be held accountable.


God bless all of the Trump family. We love y’all.


The “news” media should be completely overhauled and re-created from scratch. No political activists allowed in objective news reporting…period. That stuff is for opinion segments, not news reporting. Our MSM are a serious disease, very harmful to the nation. Their bosses must be held accountable for their TREASON, and the “just following orders” crowd are complicit and need to face justice too. Trump told them off when in office, and this extra disgusting vileness we’re seeing now is their revenge. How far will the citizens let them go, that’s the question.


I agree Laura, they need to be held accountable.

Penelope Murphy-Westby

You seem a reasonably intelligent woman. However, I would suggest that you look up the word “treason,” and study the definition very carefully. Better still, the US Constitution contains a very clear, concise definition of the word.

Please be advised that your use of this word herein is inaccurate and improper. Legally speaking, treason involves a “enemy,” a term which has a very specific meaning. Namely, “a nation or group against which the country is engaged, in an armed military conflict.”

Simply put, if there is no armed military enemy, there is no treason. I am certain you understand how critically important this is.


Their favorite words are treason, hang, military tribunals. As if these events are commonplace in our Country.


Why haven’t you posed this question to the liberals here? Since President Trump posted about the raid on his home, that’s the only word the liberals seem to know. Anytime they mention Trump, treason is followed shortly their after. And just below this comment we see Prize claiming that’s our favorite word. lol if you’d like to educate someone here then Prize would be a perfect candidate. HOWEVER, BE WARNED because trying to educate Prize is like trying to teach the Tin Man trigonometry. Good luck with that.


One side is getting rid of the other side by replacing them. If you’re in the military you most likely had a “military mind.” Once the LEFT discovered that a source of power like the military was by its very nature more Trump-like than LEFT-like, the LEFT went to work with CRT to soften the military.

The LEFT also helped to push out; again, more Trump minded police officers and replaced them with more LEFT minded minions.

More recently and oddly there is a claim that we have a teacher shortage? Again, this is the LEFT’s way of replacing the school system with a more LEFT minded teacher force to push their agenda of power forever well into the future for the LEFT as they condition children (the future’s next generation of minions).

The list of entities replaced by LEFTIST is endless. Even a credit card company is pushing out White employees. Seemingly, White people do not mindlessly comply.

We all are well aware of the leaning of the FBI, ATF, CIA etc. have. They are so far LEFT the they walk in counter-clockwise circles. No wonders crime is so high?

Cut off the left and end their slow boil to a takeover of America.


This would be uproariously funny, if it wasn’t so completely idiotic.


When will the fake MSM go down?? It’s time to get real news out to the American People-yes even those still asleep without the MSM watering it down or just not reporting it. Too many people still watch the MSM. All of them need a thorough cleansing with a severe dose of truth.


We the People…. Millions of us all know the truth. God will prevail.
Me and my family are praying for you and your family.


The “Fake” News Media Are “Knowingly” Ignoring The TRUTH. They Don’t Want To Acknowledge, I Exposed The Government Swamp And Hollywood Elite, In Epstein’s Flight Log.They Don’t Want To Acknowledge I Exposed Nancy Pelosi, In The Underground Rooms Of,Epstein Island, Caught On Security Camera Ch11. They Don’t Want To Acknowledge I Spent Sleepless Nights, Researching And Archiving, All The “Declassified” Information. Apparently I’ll Never Be Acknowledged, Because I’m Not A Public Figure, Or A Celebrity. I’m An Anonymous Patriot Who Loves My Country. I Believe In God ,Truth &Justice And The Pursuit Of Happiness. I Have Been Targeted, Viciously Attacked And Persecuted For Exposing The Truth. It Took Courage Exposing This Demonic Trafficking/Pedophile Ring. It Has Been Nearly Four Years Since I Exposed Everything. The “Silent” Holy War Continues…..I Tried My Very Best And It Just Wasn’t Good Enough. I Have More Courage Than Anyone Will Ever Know. The Total Disregard And Lack Of Empathy Are What Hurt The Most. The News Articles Trashing “QAnon” Are Intentional And Misinformation/Disinformation. I Exposed A Worldwide, Demonic Trafficking / Pedophile Ring From The Vatican To The Royal Family. I’m Praying Justice Prevails Soon. I’m Tired Of This “Show”!


You say your tired of this show. We’re tired of you and your stories.


“pete” speaks only for himself and his other TDS personalities. We who matter may be tired of what seems like bragging, and not knowing what you want from us, but we’re with you in patriotism and support for our true President Trump.


She copies & pastes on every post he puts out. Sick of it myself too.


I realize that, but “pete” is not one to talk; his and his “pals'” constant bitching at Trump are really sickening.


Sickening? In other words, you’re sick?

Well, that would certainly explain some of your recemt tirades.

Sarah Luu


Dan for DT

How did we ever get to this? – Where we have people in control of our country, that don’t even care about our country or any of the people who live in it—They only care about enriching themselves. If this isn’t outright treason, What is?


The Big Guy and his cohorts will go down in the Guinness Book Of Records for reducing the great United States of America to a failing third-world dictatorship in well under two years. 😠

Mary Geiger




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