Fake News refusing to cover the Presidential Election Fraud

“Fake News refusing to cover the Presidential Election Fraud is the Russia Hoax in REVERSE: No coverage of a real scandal, versus endless coverage of a Democrat Fake News scandal!”

By Donald J. Trump

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“Trump Issues Stunningly False Statement Criticizing Biden for ‘Attack’ on US Oil Reserves”!!!!!
BY: DAVID BADASH Published on November 23, 2021 at 09:57 AM ET

Ken K

I’ll pitch in on billboards.
Give Hillary a polygraph on the election.

Mark Rakow

The election itself was well-covered, and every network made it abundantly clear that Trump lost. In fact, Fox News made it enormously much more than abundantly clear – although there wasn’t nearly enough coverage at the White House on Election Night, when Fox News announced that Joe Biden had won Arizona. But maybe they covered it, and just couldn’t run the footage on TV; after all, viewers might not want to see live footage of Trump soiling himself, much less watching him drop to the floor of the Oval Office, and drag his morbidly obese, soiled ass across the carpet, like a deranged cocker spaniel.

There was also abundant coverage of Trump’s incessant efforts to steal the election, including over 60 lawsuits he lost. There was also coverage of his lies about winning Michigan – turned out he didn’t – and the Michigan Legislature’s carefully documented review of results – Biden won, again – and an even more careful investigation of allegation of voter fraud – every allegation was proven to be entirely false. Recently, the media reported on allegations of illegal voting in Nevada. The state GOP successfully bullied the state into investigating allegations of voter fraud – well, good for you! What’s more, those allegations which turned out to be true! There was just one problem: each and every one of the illegal voters were Republicans. Way to go, GOPea-brains. You forced the state to investigate cheating, you called in the media to expose it all on live TV, then you had to announce that the filthy, low-down cheaters you arrested was YOURSELVES.

Let’s see; you lost Arizona, but tricked the Legislature into an audit of Maricopa County. They did, and five months later, Biden had won by MORE votes. But the media hasn’t quite finished covering what’s happening in Georgia. But they will, and that’s for sure. After all, no former President has ever been indicted on felony charges of electoral fraud.

By the way, you’re guilty as hell. They have you on tape, remember? That phone call? A conference call, with you, and Cleta Mitchell, and Meadows. Talking to Brad, and his lawyer, Ryan. If you don’t remember, ask one of your other three criminal co-conspirators, who were listening in, but didn’t say anything. Remember? Navarro was on the line, and John Eastman, who, by the way, is a scumbag. But if you don’t remember the call, this link may help. It tells the whole story. I’ve listened to the recording of the phone call numerous times. Yes, I really have. This was my favorite, and it’s the one that’s going to bring your filthy, fat, fraudulent ass down, once and for all:

“I just want to find 11,780 votes.”

So. Here’s what’s going to happen. You’ll be indicted by the State of Georgia. Hauled in. Thrown in jail. Probably bailed out, but not for long. Because you’ll be convicted. And, let me assure you, you WILL go to prison. Georgia does not tolerate criminal behavior. By the way, Georgia has among the worst prisons in the nation. Better watch yourself. Someone might be looking to get famous. And that someone has nothing to lose. Hey, he’s already in prison!

You wanted a legacy? You’re about to get your wish. After all, no former President has ever been gang-raped in a Georgia prison.

One more thing: Just so you know, I don’t hate you. But I’m going to take it upon myself to see that you are never, ever anywhere near the White House again. Not ever. I promise you that. It’s not going to happen.


My Man Trump

You are a very vile , hating and sick individual. It is not a problem that you are brainwashed but the problem is the disgusting and vile way you always express yourself. I know that radicals are ragers but you are extreme even for them.

Mark Rakow

Why, thank you!
It’s nice to be appreciated.


Take what tiny little peanut brain you have left out of the washing machine. We are NOOOOT better off now than we were with Trump in charge. That IS the obvious truth of the whole thing and your idiot rantings mean NOTHING.


I cant watch the fake news anymore! They know exactly what they are covering up! They have done a disservice to you Mr President Donald J Trump and “We The People” , They ought to be ashamed of themselves~Drain the swamp MAGA

Deborah Addor

It’s disgusting what kind of country this is becoming. Please, please, please come back Mr.President. You are the real president. Now, not 2024.
God has work for you to strengthen our country and drain more swamp creatures.

Dick Morgan

Cancel MSM!!!


Its one of the 4 horns of Zech. And as such, will be controlled by sons of Cain (kenite) more and more. So, as a carpenter Mr Pres, keep mentioning it and other truths, as only truth dispels lies. Otherwise, there is no opposition to the liars (like those of Rev 2/3:9.


Common sense:

Go to goverment website and get news from there.

Get news from multiple sources.

Fact check what you read.

OR look for “alternative” news that has its own political agenda and fanbase and is motivated by profit.

OR just watch whatever is on TV.


Go to the corrupt government for news? Well maybe for information in the archives, or on laws and such things, but certainly not for news.

Multiple sources is good, but be sure and week out the sources that are unreliable, ie MSM in it’s entirely.

Fact check? using what fact checkers??? Verify yourself through multiple sources, never trust fact checkers.

So fact checkers and MSM don’t have their own political agenda’s, not the mention the government??? Really???

Biggest hoot alternative news sources motivated by profit! Unless they are funded by some political entity most are way underfunded at least in the America First movement, not so much on the Rino, and especially Radical Socialist Left.

Rosanne. Choate

The drive by media are fakes, too.

Rosanne. Choate

Because they’re frauds, too, Mr. President. Just like the democrats, Pelosi, and Biden. They usurped our reelection of you. You shouldn’t even have to run for a third time, it’s ridiculous, you deserve to be reinstated to your second term that you and us won in a landslide. They’re incapable of accepting our having defeated them in 2020, what with the Biden’s doing fraud.

Deborah Addor

They cheated, robbed, and stole the 2020 election. They are criminals and need punishment for their crimes.

Mark Rakow

Sorry, but that won’t be happening. Trump is about to be indicted in Georgia, on felony charges of electoral fraud. He’ll be tried, convicted, and very probably, sent to prison.

My comment above describes exactly what’s about to happen. Enjoy.


Hopefully The FAKE NEWS will be Out Of Business Soon when their viewership is So Low that the advertisers will PULL ALL MONEY AWAY!


All fake news is democrats propaganda.Like the news in China is CCP propaganda. People better wake up,we are being sold out to China.What do you think ? I don’t trust doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical cartels,news networks, or the federal government. I trust in GOD. I trust my self. I trust the plan. We the people are all children of GOD. GOD BLESS !

Blake Britton

Look I believe you and lots of us do, but who that has any REAL power, military or other, believes you. Because we all know they cheated and that they will cheat again, but what can we do about it? We can’t vote them out of office because they will cheat. So just what can be done. I’m at the point that if you don’t have a secret card up your sleave Mr. President then we have to just let it go and try to move out of the country.

Mark Rakow

May as well start packing. Trump does not have a secret card up his sleeve. He’s been bluffing for over five years.

Frankly, sir, I really do feel sorry for the Republicans. They’ve been lied to, so many times. They’ve been defrauded and made fools of. I have a lot of Republican friends, and I’ve been telling them this for quite some time.

At first, they refused to believe me. But they also know me, and they know that I would never, ever lie to them. We’ve been friends too long. Gradually, they’ve begun to see the truth. I’ve shown them many things they didn’t even know existed, or didn’t really understand. Now, they do – and it’s changing their minds.

Some of them are embarrassed that Trump has hoodwinked them, and can’t quite bring themselves to talk to me about it. Not yet. But I understand. They didn’t do anything wrong.

They were victims. Like 75 million other Americans. He cheated them. And I couldn’t be sorrier.


First of all, it’s been over a year and it’s all old news that very few people outside this website even care about anymore. Second, it’s been proven over and over that there was no election fraud. Trump just can’t face the fact that he lost.

Ken K

Simple to solve.
Give Hillary a polygraph.
She said they better fix the election or they would all hang.
She also told Biden not to concede under any circumstance. Why?
Biden also said they will kill all Christians and Republicans. In his words was, they won’t exist. Rewind all news reels. He said it.

Mark Rakow

You are a liar. If Biden had really said that, don’t you think Fox News, or Newsmax, or Breitbart, or one of that ilk would have reported it? And proven it?

But they haven’t reported it. And they haven’t proven it. Know why?

You need to get a grip, and pull your head out of your ass.
You’re a liar. You know it, and I know it.
Get it?




The only and best way to keep this issue of election fraud (i.e. 2020 presidential election fraud) alive and well is to put people behind bars on a regular basis for that specific election.

A title/rank/status/position should not give criminal behaviors a pass. Retirement or resignation is not what the American People want. They want justice for the people with TITLES as well as themselves.

If one can rob a bank and hide the money; serve prison time and get out to still have all the stolen money then the pay off is worth it.

Otherwise; no one will obey the law. If no one obeys the law, we are feeding into the hands of the radical LEFTIST.

CEOs, Politicians, Family members of Politicians etc. get the GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. This will promote every American to say F it and break the law as well. Cops will continue to leave with the resistance form citizens and the Soros of the World get what they want.


Behind bars you say? Not without PROOF which
is why it has not happened!!!


news max and OAN


…are not credible news stations




Suggestions? I’ll gladly check out others –long as it’s not the Clinton News Network


Let’s see the irrefutable proof. I am sick of the innuendo! I am a reasonable person. So, let’s see the FACTS!!!!!!


You can’t see if you refuse to open your eyes.


Mr. Trump, provide proof that will hold up in a court of law, and the media will be all over it! Real news stations like CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN are required to factcheck their stories. The fact is, every audit has reaffirmed that President Biden won the election, so that’s what they report.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

They are not REAL news stations if they are Dem biased- and ALL the ones you mentioned ARE. At least try to look at both sides a little bit. Bottom line……. NOT better off with Biden and Harris in charge —-FACT

Craig Barrett

Exactly, thats why I don’t watch the media anymore it’s corrupt and garbage, I read real news from real sources and journalists not the trash on TV



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