Fani Willis Is A Partisan Hack

“The Democrats’ ongoing effort to weaponize law enforcement continues today when President Donald Trump is arrested at Fulton County jail. 

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has presided over a violent crime wavein Atlanta and is prioritizing helping her political career and the Democrat Party over her community.

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Sarah Luu

I watched A GREAT INTERVIEW on RAV of a BRAVE BLACK MAN, waiting in the blistering heat to see & show his support for President Trump, who said a family member of his went to school with this Willis Cvnt. She was a LOSER THEN, & worse now. HE SAID A LOT OF FANTASTIC THINGS!!! FANTASTIC!!! This interview should be posted EVERYWHERE! It is an EXCELLENT EXAMPLE of “people of color” that are FED UP with these puppets & are going FULL ON M.A.G.A. SUPPORTING PRESIDENT TRUMP & REJECTING THE LIES THEY HAVE BEEN “SHOVEL FED” FOR DECADES! It was replayed on the “Live At Studio 6B” show on RAV last night. It needs to be picked up & shown by EVERYONE in the conservative media & THIS SITE AS WELL. THAT MAN WAS JUST PLAIN HONEST & GREATLY EXPRESSING THE FEELINGS OF A HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH AIRTIME & EXPOSURE!!! WHOM EVER YOU ARE, THANK YOU! YOU ARE A FANTASTIC M.A.G.A. PATRIOT!!!. RAV is The Real America’s Voice News Network. It can be seen OTA (OVER THE AIR, FOR FREE!!) in several cities & on the net. GREATEST NEWS NETWORK as of now, in my opinion. WATCH!!! THANKS EVERYONE, Sarah Luu



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