Florida Congressman Carlos Gimenez Endorses President Donald J. Trump

Mar-a-Lago, FL— Florida Congressman Carlos Gimenez announced his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump.

“I am proud to endorse President Donald J. Trump to serve as our next Commander-In-Chief to fight socialism both at home and abroad, rebuild our economy, and to secure and protect our nation so that America continues being the freest, most exceptional country in the history of the world,” Congressman Gimenez said.”

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Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, This Congressman said that you laid out a plan that was clear and concise to fix AMERICA after the chaos that Joe Biden inflicted on AMERICA. The he did could be construed as treason for making the nation such a rattrap after you left things in good order.He was just mean and vindictive to ruin all the projects you started. Nancy A. Daylo

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