Florida Congressman Michael Waltz Endorses President Trump

Mar-a-Lago, FL – Congressman Michael Waltz announced his endorsement of President Donald J. Trump and gave the following statement to Breitbart News

“These last two years under Joe Biden have been disastrous for our country. Inflation is rampant, our southern border is wide open, China is on the rise and embarrassing us on the global stage, the left have wasted trillions of dollars, and the Washington bureaucracy is worse than ever before. Biden’s devastating handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan killed 13 of our brothers and sisters. Biden’s actions have not only weakened the U.S. but emboldened terrorists around the world who seek to strike back at America. We need experienced and proven leadership back in the White House. 

“Today I am proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for President. Under his leadership, President Trump secured our southern border, created seven million jobs with record-low unemployment, brought manufacturing back to the U.S., made America energy independent and affordable, brokered historic Middle East peace deals, destroyed the ISIS caliphate, launched the Space Force, took out Soleimani, gave veterans choice, and put measures in place to stop China’s march towards global dominance.” 

Additional context from the Breitbart article:

“When DeSantis stepped down from his congressional seat in September 2018 during his run for governor, the seat remained vacant until the next Congress. Waltz, who won the election, took over representing the sixth congressional district in Florida in January 2019. Waltz is currently in his third term in Congress, having won reelection in the subsequent two elections in 2020 and 2022.”

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California supporter

Bravo to Congressman Michael Waltz!

More GOP/RNC leaders should endorse President Trump!

VJS of California

Mary Geiger

I like how Waltz talks, no silliness, just common sense. He’s good for our country and you are the best for the presidency. Hurry up 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

I often hear Michael Waltz speak on the news and he knows what e us talking about. And he is smart to endorse your, my FRIEND. Nancy A. Daylo

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