Fortunately, they hate each other

“Manchin hurt West Virginia, and McConnell hurt our County. Fortunately, they hate each other or, it would probably even be worse. McConnell could have stopped everything had he used the Debt Ceiling, but now Trillions of Dollars are being wasted on nonsense. The Broken Crow is so bad at what he does, which seems to be, working for the Democrat Party.

.Even now he approves a Budget without any negotiation and, without taking back any of the Trillions of the Dollars he’s getting a few other Republicans to agree to, thereby making it easier to approve.
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Simple explanation – The publishers are chicken 5hit of lawsuits, IRS audits,etc, etc, from Biden’s Mafia..

Save Our United States

Some people are so self-absorbed that they can’t see that it is time to go. Mitch, it was time to go about 10 years ago. Bye!


Absolutely right, Mitch does not represent his party. He is the democrats revolving door.

Mac Carthy

Mitch could have had Trump removed TWICE but he didn’t!


Folks, this won’t end until people stop supporting Marxist RINO.
Talk to your friends, wake them up, we won’t get another chance!


100 % CORRECT!
Thank You!

My Man Trump

Thank goodness they hate each other or it would be catastrophic. The broken crow has damaged America extensively and he is just the evil machine that keeps on giving. Seriously, is there anything that can be done with him…NOW! Where are these evil forces of America coming from. When the commie dems go down, please take the rinos with them.


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