FoxNews will be airing the entire Iowa Rally tonight

“FoxNews called to inform us that they will be airing the entire Iowa Rally tonight. They saw the record numbers done on CNN and want in on the action. Also, just out, I am leading DeSanctimonious by almost 30 points in FLORIDA, and leading Crooked Joe Biden BIG! See you later in Iowa.”

By Donald J. Trump

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I BOYCOTT Fox News along with Transheiser-Busch, Transgender Target, WOKE United and Delta, etc.
I will be watching on NEWSMAX!


I will be watching it but it will be on newsmax. my go to channell.

Nancy A. Daylo

Hooray! for Fox News! I know they have been wavering lately, but they need to stand up and back you all the way, PRESIDENT Donald J. TRUMP! And I will watch the program. I dearly wish to come to your rallies and to see you in person. But, I am not well to travel alone and my family will not support me. So, unless I go out on the highway with my walker and thumb a ride, I’m stuck making do with watching on computer or TV. I am so sorry, I know that you have invited me dozens of times and seem disappointed that I can’t make it. But, you are a man with a tender. heart. Thank you for your care of AMERICA and even individuals. You are a superhero.Nancy A. Daylo


Looking forward to the rally tonight. Going to be great. I was thinking the same thing about Fox News and CNN. Have a safe trip. Fox News is going down and I’m sure they would love to get 3 million viewers at one time.


We will still watch Newsmax
Fox News is censored, who knows what parts of our President Trump’s rally they will block or edit!
Murdock can suck it!

Harvey Ghesser

Event has been cancelled due to weather.


Ron was able to get to DesMoines after trump cancelled.



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