From a Trump spokesperson

“President Trump, like all Americans, is entitled under the Constitution to an impartial judge and fair legal process. This motion lays out Judge Merchan’s significant conflicts. The Judge’s daughter stands to significantly financially benefit from a decision her father may make because of her her direct efforts with Joe Biden’s campaign. The motion also chronicles Judge’s Merchan’s conduct in a previous case when he pushed former Trump Organization CFO, Alan Weisselberg to cooperate against the Trump Corporation and President Trump. Judge Merchan also apparently made political contributions to Joe Biden and to causes such as ‘Stop Republicans.’ This case has no factual or legal merit, having been brought by a District Attorney who ran on a platform of ‘Get Trump,’ an impartial judge is vital to stop this travesty of justice.”

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Airmen Anderson

And the Crimes against Humanity continue: DHS to Restart Disinformation Governance Board | Real Raw News This is as chilling as the FEMA Mandate! God save the Republic!


No matter what they do or say, we will always support you. It’s all for show.
So sorry for all these unwarranted attacks against you.
Prayers for you and your family.


we the people holding the line, resist


Mr Trump, Why did you give up your position of power? You WON THE ELECTION!!!! You gave up!!!Sir, there are a number of things you could have done to demolish this evil coupe if you chose to fight! We the people elected you! We the people stood by you and had your back! We were just waiting for you to lead us! You won the election and the world knew it! They concocted a plan to over rule the election and we had ALL the evidence in plain view!!! Yet you just walked away without a fight! You gave up your rightful seat, you gave up your power as president and now they glory in their triumph! Now the are coming after you, and they are coming after us! You knew they would destroy this country, and yet you gave up without a fight! We understand that the swamp is deep, and the evil bastards are in every corner of the system, but now these bastards have the power of the seat of the president, which you gave up to them! We waited for 2 years believing that you would make a move, that you would fight, after all we are told you are a fighter, and you never quit! Your very own words were “we have it all” which we believed to be all the evidence of the cheat. We waited and waited for your return, but soon began to realize that NOTHING would be done about the steal! Now they have the seat of power and they are coming after you, and they are coming after us. You sir have placed all of your hope on the 24 election. Do you really believe now that THEY sit in the seat of power that they will give it up like you did??? Do you not think they will massively cheat again, and even if they don’t cheat they will just say “we won”, and NOTHING will be done about it! Sir I can not tell you how many millions of Americans are sick and disgusted at the criminal TREASONOUS coupe these bastards pulled and got away with! Caught red handed with the diamonds, but still did not have to give them back!!! Now everyone just talks about 24 like 20 didn’t matter!!! How stupid!!! We lost our country without one bullet and without a fight!!


The federal executive branch can not do it all alone. Our system is set up to divide power. Trump did everything he could do defend the presidency. Several different “republicans” could have stood shoulder to shoulder with him to seek justice. Republicans at the state level in battleground states; republicans at the federal level; republicans within the Trump administration did not do what was necessary for justice to prevail.  

Airmen Anderson

Peter, I feel your pain, along with all the other 80 million that Voted for President Trump. I agree with you on some significant points that you have made. However, the stark reality is that President Trump did not give up, and as a matter of fact, President Trump, continues to fight for Freedom’s Cause and had no choice but to enact President Thomas Jefferson’s Insurrection Act, of 1807, January 2021. This infuriated the far left and the Deep State our enemy calling January 6th an Insurrection and it was not; because in doing so left our USMC, the Office of Military Commissions, JAG, and Special Forces as the Acting President of the United States of America with a Mission to stamp out this evil until further notice by our Military White Hat Partition. And leaves President Trump, the President indefinitely until the Military declares Mission complete, and the last Inauguration Null & Void. The enemy we are fighting is so vast, so large & big enough to breach all three Branches of our Government over the past 40 plus years since the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980. As a matter of fact, this enemy dates back as far as the FDR era. This Act of 1980 gave the green light to the Stealing of Scientific Intellectual Property and our Vote! This is not a conventional Warfare here in the United States yet that is going in the Ukraine as we speak, but it is a Biowarfare, Cyberwarfare, Psychological Warfare, and enormous Crimes against Humanity going on right now. This Country has been put in Peril by our enemy, because of American Elites selling themselves out to the CCP of China and the FEMA Mandate. Before this is all over with a lot of American’s will be in for a rude of awakening as to what reality is and will be. Pray for our Military White Hat Partition fighting a Military Civil War right now covertly from within our own Ranks! This is a War of Wokeism and CRT that has crippled our Country our schools and our Military. This year marks 247 years of our Independence as a one Nation under God for the United States of America, and not the United States Corporation that was in fact dissolved by the President Trump Administration, and the power given back to We the People. President Trump finished the work of the Late President Abraham Lincoln. We are all in this fight together, don’t give up the good fight pray of our Country in Christ! And lastly on a side note; Yes, I believe our Military gave President Trump the option to return to the Oval Office, in D.C., not Georgia, and President Trump took the option to Run again for the Oval Office. And I believe because of our State of the Union, in Peril, President Trump made the right decision to do so. I pray that this message and writing will be of some help to you & understand the History being made as we speak that has been kept so quiet. Godspeed…

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Mississippi Jen

They’ve about pushed Americans too far. They arrest you I expect an uprising from the people. I can’t believe we’ve fallen so far so fast. Miss you, big daddy!


horrible people


File for a Change of Venue due to these Prejudice Facts to a Republican Judge and County in the State of New York.
If you can find one!


Nancy sums up millions of people’s feelings about our lack of blind justice.

Nancy A. Daylo

A place, a place..a place for ALL AMERICA to object to such injustice by a judge! Name the place and AMERICA will speak up for you, PRESIDENT TRUMP! We are sick of this constant harassment of our PRESIDENT..Nobody should be put through this nonsense. It is nonsense done by stupid, inept and people with no ‘COMMON SENSE”. JUDGE Merchans should be disbarred. It is hard to remain peaceful when witnessing such injustice.
Nancy A. Daylo



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