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Daniel Bogdan

Thank you Just the News and Real America’s Voice for this interview. Thank your President Trump for your candid and wide ranging interview.

We’ve all been through a crucible of fire together – and continue to walk through hot coals – as we seek to right the wrongs inflicted upon this country over decades, and especially during the latest election. I appreciate POTUS’ balanced remarks on a wide range of subjects. He seems so much more Presidential in his remarks in this interview – a far cry from his raw pronouncements over the past 4+ years on Twitter. Keep up the fight – we are behind you and would absolutely LOVE seeing you as Speaker of the House in 2023. The ability to watch Nancy Pelosi in full meltdown handing you the Speaker’s Gavel would be epic. So would the ensuing impeachment of the Grifter-in-Chief (Potato Head Joe)!!

Let the audits continue and let the dominos start falling. The truth needs to be revealed in a manner in which the mass population are shocked and outraged and cannot ignore, so that our “America First” agenda comes back in play…

Build back better isn’t good enough: The Best is Yet to Come!!


too would love to see the Pelosi “meltdown”. Hope to be popping corn for the event!

Debra Gilly

Donald J. Trump never admitted defeat and he never conceded. DJT is still my President.

Joan Elizabeth Fisher

Election was compromised. Based on the Maricopa County Audit and massive integrity issues being found, more states now are requesting Audits. I’ve never understood why Audits and that process is so objected to by Democrats unless there are issues on a Wide Scale in many States/Cities/Counties. Let the process play out. Democrats right now are ruining this nation and it’s a nightmare playing out and mostly for Minorities. They seem to be blind to their own demise in an effort to support Racism in this country and every WOKE company and our Military is going to mean our demise as a whole as a nation. It’s insane right now that we are living in such a surreal America. Diversity has become a complete Joke by Cancel Culture.


🇺🇸The Real Commander and Chief!!!
President Donald J. Trump!! 🇺🇸 Our great nation desperately needs you back! Hard to believe that so called Americans would launch such an attack! Truly disgusting!!! 🇺🇸God Bless you and keep you safe! 🇺🇸


thanks for the interview. i feel like we are very close to taking our country back thanks to all of our work and prayers…



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