Get out and vote for Dan Cox for Governor

“Maryland, tomorrow is a big day. Get out and vote for Dan Cox for Governor. Get rid of Shutdown RINO Larry Hogan who is trying to get another RINO into office, Kelly Schulz. Dan Cox will be a great Governor. Tomorrow is the day. Get out and vote!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Done Mr. President! Fingers crossed!


Sir, On a big side note!
Please Share!
Canada is REBRANDING THE JAB! YT —-“Ontario Chief Health Office ADMITS It’s Actually a THERAPEUTIC!” Viva Clip


No Rinos!
Make Maryland Great Again!
GET OUT and Vote for Dan Cox for Governor!

Darren Baileey

Lets be honest here, you hate people like Logan that are smarter than you and can lead unlike you.


I’m not from Maryland but Go Dan Go.

Ralph Fleming

But you’re not a sheep, right?


Do you mean just a typical follower?

Ralph Fleming

I mean you aren’t even from Maryland and know absolutely nothing about Dan Cox, yet because your MAGA King (who also knows nothing about Maryland or Dan Cox) said to vote for him your comment is “Go Dan Go.” Trump supporters like to call everyone else sheep but they are the ones that continually follow one person like sheep following a shepherd.


I love it how you and your little group with multiple accounts believe that Mr Trump hasn’t done any research on Dan whatsoever and only supports him solely on the R in front of his name. I can tell it scares you to know anyone he backs, we will support. We will. The President has never lied to us and only wants the best for our (yours and mine) country so absolutely we will stand behind him. And please don’t start with the, Mr President lied about his fathers birthplace again. Not only does it sound like a broken record, I researched it and ONCE AGAIN it’s fake news. And for the record the only term of sheep I’m familiar with it from the Bible. I am certainly a sheep. Take care Ralph. MAGA


I’ve never called you or anyone else here a sheep and again I say, YES. If President Trump supports them then so do I, all day everyday and just because I said, Go Dan Go, that’s cause for you to get all in an uproar? Like I said, I’m not from there so therefore I can’t vote for nor go out and campaign for the man. Everything we say, no matter how small, you and others here get your panties in a wad and go on the attack. Are you just angry that everyone Mr Trump gives his support and approval to wins? No need to answer, I’ll do it for you. YES!


Congratulations. Dan Cox will drain the swamp. Make America Great Again.


Right On!


that’s so old Cindy!!!!


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


No matter how old or new, truth is still truth.

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