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My Man Trump

Well, evil politicians have always said…”The American people are basically stupid.” It is their fault. We have always been treated as mushrooms by the Commies for generations. I became wide awake when the most evil Obama threw his hat in the ring. I knew then we were surrounded by evil trying to destroy us. Then came DJT and he saved America and they couldn’t stand it. A lot of people did wake up but a lot still haven’t. They are still very brainwashed by fake news and the demon spin. They do not even see the dictatorship forming right before our eyes. He called 90 million voters enemies of the state and fake news is helping them. Sick as hell.


It’s are county it’s time we take it back, they work for us..wwg1wga


People need to wake up!!!


For the love of God, I don’t understand how so many people are still blind to what is going on in this country! Mr. President, you are absolutely spot on right as always. People better wake up and get smart NOW!

Mary Geiger

Can’t do much when the Law doesn’t want to obey the laws. Kick them out is all anyone can do. We know now that voting doesn’t always work so, as the saying goes, we’ll have to be prepared with plan B. Does anybody have one?


I am as awake as I can be and I agree.

R Minoglio

Wake up people. Let’s go Brandon. MAGA.


Sadly boss, you are preaching to the choir. Most of us are awake!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Sad state of affairs we are in with CCP-Nazi Joe and his incompetent and illegitimate administration of woketards.




Unfortunately, this is Correct!
Save America!

Robin Seeber

get smart?? you saying we are stupid?? how about give us some tips on how to get our country back, since if we say or do anything we could be, hit over the head, bankrupted, suicided and more… come on man


I think once we discover that this dc corporation, in the District of Columbia, is a fraud in every facet of our lives we come to grips with the how free we are. They give us the illusion that we are citizens of this corporation, and we all tacitly agreed to this status. Did we? Or were our parents fraudulently swindled at the time of our birth and signed over our vessels to this corporation. Yes., so now, to them, we are always referred to as an entity. Not a man or woman. Do you know why they cannot refer to us as man or woman? Because man and woman is a divine creation of god any they have no jurisdiction over such creation. The only way they can place rules, regulations, statutes, is to make us believe that we are a us citizen, a person, a member, an entity, a partnership, Or a corporation, ANYTHING BUT A MAN OR WOMAN!!!
Flee Babylon!


So you’re saying there is no America to make great again? What do the MAGA people here think of that?


I Think:
FJB! and the Commie-Libs!

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