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Hey Its Me

President Trump, the app for TRUTH is only available on phones, not laptops. Can yo u get the staff to expand it?I need to use it on my Macbook

Meegan Fixler

Love Truth Social!! So much better than Twatter!!


TRUTH social is the perfect app. It is invented by our own President.
if you cant get it, it is because Big Tech together with the ruling criminal and communists dont want you to have the Truth

Mark Rakow

Trump himself is not on Truth Social.
The reason speaks for itself.

Meegan Fixler

He is too! That is a blatant lie.


Wish I could get Truth Social. Please provide it for us less fortunate people.

Mark Rakow

If you can’t get it, you’re fortunate already.


I like it when you reply on my comments, shows your true colors. You are very misguided and is a reminder of what America doesn’t want or need.


It’s available on PC now, just click on the link in upper right corner and create an account

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