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“Dick Morris has long been considered one of the best, sharpest and yes, most controversial, political pundits of them all. He is also one of the most interesting. Dick had much to do with Bill Clinton, working together with him for a long time. His only bad call was Mitt Romney, but that was Romney’s fault, he lost a race that should have easily been won. Mitt will always find a way to let you down. His new book, “The Return,” is GREAT. Now available for preorder on Amazon.com. Go get it!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank you President Trump. Sounds like an interesting book. I plan to get it soon.


Mitt Romney is a Backstabbing, Loser, rino!


Seems to me that Morris is a bit of a loose cannon, so I’d be very careful with him. I sure hope he’s of great help in getting our real President back in office. Here’s where people can get the book, needless to post, but I will anyways: https://www.amazon.com/RETURN-TRUMPS-BIG-2024-COMEBACK/dp/1630062073 The one-star review in there is probably from someone very well known in this forum, with oodles of hubris. If he replies here, you’ll know it’s him.


Thank you Laura.



My Man Trump

Mitt Romney was more than a bad call in my opinion. Romney is a big rino that tries to be relevant and fails every time. Could you even imagine him as President. Other than the fact that we got that god awful Obama who set out to destroy us, we dodged a bullet in some aspects.

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