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Bolsonaro is like Trump he fights back! Brazilians are wise to vote for him.

Le cat

They are using voting machines in Brazil too. Both parties accuse the opponents of fraud. This system will always raise concerns and disputes. People will stop voting if they lose trust.


Save Brazil!


Bolsonaro is your twin in Brazil. Hateful, divisive, and of course, is threatening a coup if he doesn’t win the election. There were some reforms that he instituted in Brazil that were necessary, from what I have read, but like you, he denied Climate Change. He allowed loggers to burn many acres of the Rain Forest which created out of control fires. He also played down COVID 19 resulting in the fourth highest number of cases and 2nd highst number of deaths, behind the USA. No wonder you love him!!!


Power to the People, Vote Jair Bolsonaro.

Mac Carthy

Bolsonero’s son is Junior’s coke source!


Keep Brazil FREE and STRONG!
Vote For Bolsonaro!
VIVA Brazil!


If that is your new interior of your aircraft–it looks beautiful!!

My Man Trump

Wow! You are stumping all over the world. I love it.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help