Got an army of enthusiastic warriors and patriots

“The last person that Josh “The Little Weasel” Shapiro wants to run against for Governor of Pennsylvania is Doug Mastriano, who has got an army of enthusiastic warriors and patriots on his side. It’s all just typical Democrat DISINFORMATION, which is all they’re good at. The Weasels only chance of winning is a 2020 style Election Fraud (see “2000 Mules”)!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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There are enough weasels in office. Mastriano sounds great!!!

Robin Seeber

starting to get concerned, not sure you can win 2024, we all know you will probably run…how about focus on plans if you run, vs the slams and negatives?? maybe that will help?


Are you a Troll??

My Man Trump

Josh “The Little Weasel” Shapiro is a piece of commie shit that Pa doesn’t need. Doug Mastriano all the way!!!!




What is being done to ensure these SOB’s don’t cheat again? Do we plan to aggressively challenge bad outcomes?

Mark Rakow

Trump calls Josh Shapiro “The Little Weasel.” How ironic. In the wild, weasels eat maggots.

Next year, Josh Shapiro will be known as “Governor of Pennsylvania.” As fpr Doug Mastriano, he’ll be unknown. And he’ll be called “Doug who?”

Dan for DT

Ever get the feeling your being ignored….?

Mark Rakow

Not as long as you’re here….!

My Man Trump

Love it. You are so right. I wonder if these little irritants get paid by the line, the paragraph or by the insults. Either way they are pitiful.


Piss On Josh “The Little Weasel” Shapiro!
Vote Doug Mastriano for the Governor of Pennsylvania!


That worries me, if we can’t trust the elections process. To many ways for them to cheat. Paper ballots is the only way to go. No drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, same day voting. It’s pretty simple. Tired of fighting about this matter. Let my vote count! Anyone who disagrees is not for America or for the people. This country belongs to you and me, not the government!

myree williams

Very true 👍👍


Treasonist fraud was much deeper than the mules. The real story will be the coordination between non profits and our federal, state, targeted local governments and various other institutions including election software companies and ballot printers. The mules are the low hanging fruit.

Meg P

Thanks. Rex is pretty smart!

Dean Anoia

Love the 1-2 punch in winning Pennsylvania back.

jo young

I agree with you re Mastriano; however, I don’t with Oz. However, the selection for the senate seat is really a very poor group of people. Who will Oz back if there is ever a disagreement between Turkey and the US?

myree williams

Yep! the latest one Kathy Barnette? I figure if the Dems like her, something is amiss…


The United States!

Mark Rakow

Like it matters? Oz won’t be in the Senate.

My Man Trump

Some people hope you are right. But you are still commie left.

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